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We all know Wolverine as a hero (albeit an aggressive one) and a great teammate to his fellow Avengers and X-Men in Marvel comics and Fox's big screen adaptations. In the comics, he's even become friends with former rivals such as Cyclops and Steve Rogers, who didn't trust or like him after their first encounter. In fact, Cap once told Wolverine he'd never be worthy of being an Avenger. These harsh words actually ring true when it comes to the big screen, as fans will never see Hugh Jackman's interpretation of the character fight alongside the likes of Cap, Hulk or Thor - given that the rights to various characters belong to Disney, Fox and Sony.

Despite this, fans were still satisfied by Jackman's swan song Logan when it hit theaters in March. Focusing on what is certainly Logan's lowest point throughout his big screen adventures, the character appeared more weathered and pessimistic than ever before.

So, in honor of the film's Blu-ray release on May 23, I thought it would be a worth sharing some unbearable moments Wolverine endured before joining Xavier's team in the comics.

Before he became an X-Man, Logan was under the thumb of an evil mastermind named Romulus. Romulus pulled Logan's strings from behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz - well, if the Wizard was a murderous, ruthless psychopath. Here are some of the most disturbing events that the brain-washed Logan had to endure while under the control of Romulus - before finding a safe haven with Xavier's X-Men.

5. Logan Tries To Kill The Hulk (Good Luck With That!)

 Marvel's Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk (Credit: Marvel Comics)
Marvel's Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk (Credit: Marvel Comics)

It's a shame that some of these stories involve characters from MCU-owned characters because some of these tales would make for great crossover events. Wolverine's first appearance was in Incredible Hulk #181, an issue where he was sent to assassinate the Hulk. He was sent in by order of his master Romulus to impress someone named "X", but Logan ultimately failed to take down the Hulk.

After Logan was told his mission was accomplished, Romulus' orders took an even darker turn. After trying to get his claws into the Hulk, he was sent to kill anybody who had been involved with the mission. At this time, Wolverine murdered a number of Canadian government workers, but X's identity remained a mystery.

4. Infiltrating The X-Men To Kill Charles Xavier

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

As you might have guessed, 'X' was none other than Professor Charles Xavier. Unbeknownst to the world, Xavier was the leader of the X-Men, and was looking to bring in more mutants. Taking on the Hulk was simply an audition, which he passed purely by surviving.

However, when Logan got Xavier alone, he took his chance and tried to kill Xavier - due to being under Romulus' control. In fact, Wolverine would have succeeded, if not for a psionic blast from Xavier.

3. He Turned A Young Natasha Romanova Into A Killer

When Captain America met Logan for the first time, their encounter was not coincidental. In fact, Logan was sent by Romulus to meet Captain America and gain his trust. Surprisingly, a girl he knew was captured alongside Captain America.

But this was no ordinary little girl. This was a little girl who was trained by Logan and grew up to become one of Marvel's biggest bad-asses; Natasha Romanova, a.k.a. the Black Widow. It's debatable whether or not this was a stain on Logan's life, but Logan definitely considers it one. The problem was that he led her down a path of violence, murder, and deception.

Of course, if Logan didn't train her, someone else would have come around and done it. If you are going to be trained, you should get trained by the best there is. Logan did try to save her, but she told him that this is the path she wanted.

2. He Was Forced to Teamed Up With Baron Strucker, An Infamous Nazi

If you ever wondered why Cap hated Logan for so long, here's why.

As previously mentioned, Logan was sent to earn Captain America's trust in Uncanny X-Men #268. And, as Logan put it, he had Cap "hook, line, and sinker". Having now gained his trust, Logan was sent to see if Cap could be turned to their side. And if that didn't work, Logan was ordered to kill Captain America.

Logan and Cap met up again during World War II, when Logan was sent in to see if Cap could be turned. Once Logan's handlers realized that Cap was after one of their "partners" Baron Strucker, Logan was told to help the infamous Nazi. Once Cap was surrounded and ambushed thanks to Logan, he was enraged.

However, once Logan discovered Steve Rogers' true colors and the strength of his character, Logan couldn't go through with his murder. It also didn't help that Logan had to side with a Nazi. Even a brainwashed Logan wasn't going to side with someone like that.

1. Logan Tortured Nuke, Turning Him Into A Mass-Murderer

Nuke is now more machine than man. Credit: Marvel Comics
Nuke is now more machine than man. Credit: Marvel Comics

Nuke is a lunatic with a tattooed American Flag on his face who thinks that he knows what's best for America. Instead of doing things the right way, he'll grab a gun and kill foreigners - along with anyone else who doesn't agree with his stance on how America should be. Nuke is easily manipulated and has been used by many people, but Logan is the most significant, having played a major part in Nuke's mental health issues.

When Nuke was a kid, Romulus used Nuke's babysitter to trick him into killing his mother. Having pushed her down the stairs while she was in a drunken stupor, Logan was then sent in to kill the babysitter and frame the father's suicide. Believe it or not, this was only the first step in Nuke's transformation.

When Logan was fighting in the Vietnam War, he tortured Nuke under the guise of an American that had turned on his country, saying "no V.C." (meaning no Viet Cong) over and over while he'd torture Nuke. Before he left him to his captures, Logan carved the American Flag onto his face and left. When Nuke escaped, he killed everyone in the neighboring village because the first thing he heard was a villager say "no V.C."

After Nuke killed everyone in sight, Logan showed up in a military uniform telling Nuke that he'd done a good job. Naturally, Nuke never recovered from this moment - and it's hard to say whether or not Logan ever truly recovered from the painful events he was put through by Romulus.

If you want to see a weathered return to heroics, check out James Mangold's noir version of Logan, which is included in the film's Blu-ray release on May 24, 2017.

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