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We are mashed - teaming up with the internet’s finest YouTubers to make sweet cartoons!

It’s time to reflect on the past year, and we’ve made a ton of videos! We’ve worked with an amazing bunch of creative people, and to celebrate all we’ve accomplished, we made a supercut of our best moments of 2016!

But it hasn’t been a constant wave of success. Here are 5 rejected Mashed Video Pitches from 2016:

1 Game in 35,536,000 Seconds

A spin-off of Game in 60 Seconds, this video would take place in real-time as our animated Nic Cage would play through an entire game several times while taking detailed notes and researching the development of the game.

We turned this one down as it didn’t align with our creative vision for the future of Mashed. Also the fact that we’d have to animate a year’s worth of Nic Cage footage. We wouldn’t put any of our animators through that.

2 Uncharted Taxes

A 5 minute video of Nathan Drake filling his diving company’s tax forms.

We turned this video down as none of us know how to do taxes, so we’d have to sacrifice the one thing Mashed is known for: Incredible realism, and replace it with some silly jokes or something. We know you wouldn’t want that.

3 Hanzo vs McCree

A short sex-scene between Hanzo and McCree. Inbetween matches, Hanzo and McCree are alone in the showers and their animal lust for each other gets out of control…

We eventually turned this one down after leaving it in development hell for several months, as Tom shipped McCree with Soldier 76, I shipped Hanzo with Zenyatta and Laura shipped no-one with no-one because she’s “not a god damn child”.

4 Fallout Time Episode Animation

A episode length Fallout Time animation, based on the highly popular “Fallout Time” opening sequence we posted earlier in the year.

We decided against doing this video as ultimately, there just isn’t enough of a fanbase behind Fallout or Adventure Time to justify it.

5 Destiny: The Last Guardian

A shot for shot recreation of the trailer for The Last Guardian, except in place of Trico (the half-bird half-mammal in the game) is an enormous Guardian from Destiny.

We ultimately canned this video because it was too silly. And here at Mashed, we do not like silliness.

We hope you’ve enjoyed all the videos we’ve made in 2016, here at Mashed, here’s to many more in 2017!

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