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We are mashed - teaming up with the internet’s finest YouTubers to make sweet cartoons!

In our latest video, the hardest boiledest of all detectives, Nick Valentine is set on the tail of a hot case by none other than our own ink-slinking dame, Piper.

But can he solve the case while navigating a sea of mods more toxic than the glowing sea?

5 Vault Booty

The female vault suit gets an ‘enhancement’, particularly around the posterior. Also comes with optional ‘chest’ enhancement.

4 Seasons

If an eternal post-apocalyptic Autumn wasn’t immersive enough for you, now all 4 seasons can be added into the game, giving you the perfect excuse to undress all your NPCs, because who’s going to be wearing so many layers during the summer?

3 Cleaner settlements

Fed up of having piles of junk and debris all over your settlement that you can’t remove? Well worry no more, you can now remove them all and have the clean, perfect, idyllic village you’ve always dreamed of. It’ll still be made of cardboard and bits of old wood though.

2 Enhanced blood textures

The blood textures look pretty good in Fallout 4, right? FALSE, get your head in the game and level up with these highly accurate blood textures, provided by your friendly internet psychopath. You’ll be simultaneously impressed AND disgusted!


Dogmeat is a good doggo, but wouldn’t he be so much better if he was just a bit bigger? Now Dogmeat can take down supermutants like radroaches, but be careful when playing fetch, or he might accidentally rip you to shreds.

The best part is, these are all real mods you can download right now for Fallout 4. Not even kidding.

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