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Our latest video is an epic anthem for all the teams who don’t have a support character on their Overwatch team. We feel your pain.

Aside from not helping your fellow teammates, we discovered that there are many more dick moves that are positively rampant amidst the more villainous areas of Overwatch. Here are our top 5:

5: Placing Symmetra’s portal facing a drop

If you do this, to your own teammates then you’re literally the worst. Placing a portal on a ledge and then facing it so that people immediately drop off and die when walking through is positively evil. Shame on you!

4: Mei Wallblock

If you play as Mei and place a wall to block your fellow teammates from exiting the team base, or any other situation for that matter, then you’re an evil ice queen. Not a bad one who turns out to be good, like Elsa from Frozen, but a straight up evil one, like the Hans Christian Andersen Ice Queen. Go hibernate somewhere else.

3: Spamming emotes

Look, it’s great that we have emotes and ‘hello’s and ‘thank you’s, so that we can communicate with our team a bit, even if we don’t have a mic. But seriously, hearing DVA go “HIYEEE” every second isn’t going to win us the game. Chill out and join in!

2: Using your mic to whine

Yeah great. Now we have to listen to some 13-year-old complain about how they’re “sooo much better than everyone else”. Yeah sure, you’re the best Overwatch player in the world. Now how about actually contributing to the match and helping your team, rather than going off and fighting that one Genji, who you’re weirdly obsessed with.

1: Using your ult on a single enemy

You have a massively powerful ability that has the potential to wipe out the entire opposing team, if used cleverly. But if you just used it to kill precisely one person. Why waste it? If you’re on the brink of death, respawn, you won’t lose your ult and you can probably find a far better position to strike.

So there we have it. 5 of the worst sins you can commit in Overwatch. Did we miss one out? Perhaps you feel strongly about a different dick-move? Let us know in the comments! Also please watch out video

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