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Collector of all things Captain America, I mainly like Marvel and DC Comics, and am an authority on neither.

...ull origin story on Spider-Man. At this point, I don't think he needs one. It has been done to death. Everyone under the sun knows Peter's origins. Hell, my 75 year-old mother knows them, and the only time she's ever picked-up a comic book was when she was throwing them away years ago before she knew they may be valuable. Spidey should be a done deal, and I agree that we do not need yet another origin story. I'm sure it will eventually be referenced, but that's what conversations and flashbacks are for, right? Despite Hank Pym's MCU persona not being a fan of The Avengers, I don't think that Scott Lang will necessarily share that view. I don't know when Wasp will likely show up, but I am hoping it will be during Civil War. IF that were to be the case, I can see Mr. Lang siding with Captain America and Hope siding with her father (which will likely be a pro-registration stance), adding to the tension. Unfortunately, we have far too long before we get these answers.

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