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...thing. People are also too wrapped around the axle over the films not mirroring the comic books to the most minute detail. People need to realize that the films are ADAPTATIONS which have to be translated differently to the large screen. Now, despite having said this, I STILL have little to no faith in this FF reboot. It just looks bad. It looks to me that instead of translating the book to properly fit in motion pictures is not the problem---it looks like the book was thrown away entirely. This film looks like it is going to be like a bad 1950s Sci-Fi B Movie on a large budget. I agree that the interviewers behavior was deplorable and the questions inappropriate, but it is NOT the actor's fault that 20th Century Fox is making yet another bad FF film that will hopefully be warming the $5 bin at Walmart in the near future. People need to leave the actors alone and question the motives of the director and the studio.

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