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Collector of all things Captain America, I mainly like Marvel and DC Comics, and am an authority on neither.

...h Century Fox stable of Marvel properties that has the fan's interests in mind and at heart. That being said, it would be SO nice if they would jump aboard the good film train like Sony has, so that we could see awesome team-ups like Deadpool/Spider-Man, Avengers/X-Men, FF/Avengers, Avengers and anyone (since the vast majority of the Marvel Universe has been an Avenger, or affiliated with the Avengers, at one time or another), The Kree-Skrull War, The Private War of Doctor Doom, Magneto being regressed into an infant, The Invaders, The Illuminati, the Stark/Pym/Richards/McCoy braintrust, etc, etc.....(I could literally go on for days). I can't wait for Deadpool!

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