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I rarely pre-order games. I’ve been a gamer for decades and I can probably count on one hand how many games I’ve pre-ordered before release day.

When I worked at GameStop during the early 2000s, I remember pre-ordering Zelda: Wind Waker and Metroid Prime for GameCube (to help our store's pre-order numbers).

I remember doing it for Super Smash Bros. Brawl in 2008, and even stood in line at GameStop at midnight on launch morning for my copy, talking with other fans about how awesome it was going to be to be able to play Smash online (it wasn't awesome).

StarCraft Remastered Is Coming

However, this August, we’re going to be getting Blizzard’s first attempt at remastering and updating one of their classic games. On August 14, 2017, they’ll be releasing StarCraft Remastered to the masses.

This is the original 1998 release of StarCraft, remastered in resolution and supporting widescreen, using the same art, engine, and assets as the original game. Other features include:

  • Cloud saves.
  • Playable in 13 languages
  • Remastered audio and dialogue
  • Enhanced narrative
  • Matchmaking and leaderboards

To see that hasn’t forgotten where they came from before World Of Warcraft launched them into the stratosphere of mainstream entertainment is extremely gratifying. As a long-time Blizzard fan, I couldn’t be happier.

Before World Of Warcraft...

StarCraft Remastered in 4K [Credit: Blizzard]
StarCraft Remastered in 4K [Credit: Blizzard]

Before came out, Blizzard already had a large, devoted fan base who adored the two Diablo games, and the War/StarCraft strategy games. We still love old StarCraft and Warcraft. We still love Diablo and Diablo II. Apparently Blizzard does as well and is seding a love letter to the fans in the form of StarCraft Remastered.

And if StarCraft Remastered does well (and I have no reason to believe it won’t), we’re almost sure to get more updated remasters.

Blizzard is one game developer that gets it. Although they don’t release a lot of games, when they do, the whole video game industry stops what they’re doing and takes notice. Because after over 25 years of putting out legendary titles, we as gamers know that when Blizzard releases a new game, it’s going to be something special. It feels like an event. There are very few developers in the video game industry that command that level of respect. would be one. would be another. But these industry titans are few and far between.

Restoring The Classics

StarCraft Remastered, Zerg Vs. Protoss [Credit: Blizzard]
StarCraft Remastered, Zerg Vs. Protoss [Credit: Blizzard]

Most video games quickly start to show their age. They’re a product of their time and the technology they were made for. When you go back to them today, many times the way you remember them doesn’t line up with how they actually are compared to more modern games. Nostalgia can do that.

While StarCraft does look like an older game, the art, production values, and gameplay still hold up remarkably well, which are hallmarks of a classic. A full remake is unnecessary. All needs is a polish.

It’s like a nice vintage house that needs a new paint job, a little shoring up in the yard, and some roof and interior repairs. Yeah, the style may look old compared to more modern offerings, but that’s not a bad thing at all.

Legacy Gaming Is Growing

StarCraft Remastered, Terran Outpost [Credit: Blizzard]
StarCraft Remastered, Terran Outpost [Credit: Blizzard]

Legacy gaming is becoming more and more popular as the years pass, and it’s essential that the game industry retain and properly nurture that legacy. When it’s needed, classic games like StarCraft should absolutely be updated so that the current and future generations have an understanding of where the games they play today came from. History is important in all aspects of society and culture, and video gaming is no different.

StarCraft is wildly popular in South Korea, which, given the insane popularity of the game there, probably contributed to Blizzard’s decision to remaster the game. Blizzard wants StarCraft played for another 20 years, and another 20 years beyond that. Blizzard’s games have aged incredibly well, which is a testament to how solid their mechanics were when they came out, and how incredibly polished all of Blizzard’s games are when they release.

Blizzard Gets It

Blizzard gets it because they place a strong emphasis on listening to their fans, which not all game publishers do. Professional StarCraft players were consulted as game testers for StarCraft Remastered. They played a big role in shoring up the game where it was needed, while retaining what makes StarCraft what it is.

StarCraft is arguably the greatest strategy game the video game industry has ever produced, and remastering it is not something you can afford to get wrong. I would love to see more video game publishers devote this kind of care in restoring and updating their classic games.

And FYI, I pre-ordered StarCraft Remastered right before starting work on this article. Thank you, Blizzard. I look forward to Remastered and WarCraft III Remastered.

Are you excited for StarCraft Remastered? Let us know in the comments!

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