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Pokemon Mega is a turn-based game highly faithful to the details of the classic cartoon Pokemon.

Pokemon Mega Free Formation and Training Rules

In Mega Pokemon , there are many types of Pokemon and formations. The harder to obtain a pokemon means it’s rarer and more powerful, while in the game, a more expensive pokemon also means more powerful. This strategy guide will teach you about Free Formation.

For the first time entering the game, the system will give a set of perfect formation to you for free, and it includes Control, Tank, Single DMG, AOE and Healer. However, this formation is staid. If you want to break through, you have to change pokemon.

One way to change is to select 3 mythical beasts in addition to three main pokemon. The three mythical beasts are all Party Attack. This picture shows the final form. In the process of evolving, the Mythical beasts passive skill changes. If you want to train two mythical beasts at the same time, you can change the control pokemon to a mythical beast, because the training price is the same. To change the formation, you have to start by collecting the three Legendary Birds shards.

Another way to change is to train control pokemon online. The difficulty of this formation is that Aerodactyl and Celebi are hard to get. So we can start training with the three Legendary Birds. Training two or three legendary birds as front-row. In addition to Pikachu, the remaining pokemon can improve the whole team’s Crit as long as they upgrade to Talent 7.

Compared with the first output formation, the second formation is more defensive and secure. A free player in the game does not top-up, but it doesn’t mean not spending diamonds, Pokemon shards are available in different events, so don't be reluctant to spend money.


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