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Writing is a passion of mine and I hope my writing makes your day a little better.

Hello there everybody! Here is another story I created and I hope you like it. Enjoy!

His eyes opened, as he sat up and sprang from his bed with an eagerness that said today was the day … that he would take over the world. He dresses himself and puts on his armor in preparation for the important day ahead. Today was the day that he would get the last part of the world to fall to him and he could rule all the world’s inhabitants as he vowed he would since that fateful day when he was 12 years old.

He started telling his old friend again how and why this day was important like he has been practicing this speech for a while: “It was 10 years ago, Emilio. A hooded criminal in something like a black cape was terrorizing the Northern lands and the great hero, Val E. Ant, was searching for the scoundrel around our house. Either the criminal or Val E. Ant must have broken something because we heard a loud sound and my father went to check it out. It was raining that night so my father put on his cape, put his hood on, quickly grabbed his sword, drawn as he shut the door behind him. My father met the hero and he drew his sword. He lunged at my father. They fought parrying and thrusting until Val E. Ant fatally wounded my papa and he said in a triumphant voice, “Now that you are knocking on death’s door I shall look upon the face of the evil that has plagued the lands of the North.” He used his sword to lift the hood of my father’s cape as he gazed upon my father’s distressed face; the hero smiled and sheathed his sword. My mother and I listened from inside and heard everything. The hero left and we ran outside to check on my father. He died in my mother’s arms. Due to our beliefs, we had to bury him under the cover of the night to help guide his spirit to the afterlife quicker. The next day, the hooded figure stopped. Somehow people blamed my papa for the crimes, but their only proof was that when his heart stopped so did the crimes. My mama and I knew he didn’t commit those crimes; papa was a good man.

My father should not have died for he was only defending himself. Rightfully so, I might add. I have tasked myself with the duty to make sure that no child ever has to deal with something like I have seen. That is why I have made sure that, what the heroes call soldiers or The Scoundrels, do not harm. They are incapable. My … adversary and his band of heroes say, (and do so), otherwise.

The incident was first brought to my attention when one of my “soldiers” who was wounded in battle that day told me the hero started to kill my friends. It was about a month ago, since the last full moon perhaps. Val E. Ant was fighting some of my friends in the 3rd or 4th to last town I had yet to help. My friends had two more houses to search and there was when the event occurred. Val never really killed any of my soldiers, only slashed or thrust his sword into a part of the body that would cause my friends to stop “attacking”, as the heroes likes to say. Val and his band of heroes saw what appeared to be one of my friends slicing through a civilian who was defending herself. The way the eyes of Val flared, it was like a volcano erupted deep inside of him. He let out a might cry as he eviscerated my friend, who all were as surprised and confused as everybody else were. After that, Val gave the order to his entire crew: kill all of my soldiers where they stand.

That day and every day since then, I have lost more and more of my friends and what little family I had left. As a close friend of mine, and not to mention a … a father figure to me for many years since that night you understand Emilio that I want this little feud to stop soon.”

“Is it just me or do I detect a hint of “Batman”, Mr. Grant?” inquired Emilio.

“Emilio, my friend, after this many years, and you still call me Mr. Grant?”

“I apologize, Lorenzo.”

“There we go Emilio. Now, let’s go end this fight once and for all. What do you say, my friend?” Lorenzo asked.

“It would bring me nothing but joy sir.” Emilio responded.

Lorenzo begins to recall in his mind: “Emilio has been a special friend and a father figure since my father died. I was always good with my hands. I could make machines that could do almost anything, made from almost anything. Long as I had the knowledge about how the science behind the machine needed to work, then the machine would work.

So the day after my father passed, I started to build a machine that would bring dead things back to life. Think of the benefits the world would have if the dead could be alive once again. Trees can be green and give us more oxygen, family pets can play with the children once more, and fathers and other family members can be reunited with their loved ones for more embraces or what have you. I’d have done anything for one more embrace from my father, regardless of consequences.

Anyway, my machine was completed a few days after my father’s burial and so I decided to test it out on a dog that died the other day. I placed the dog on the mark and fired up the machine. To my amazement, it did not work. Unfortunately, I was not able to bring the dog back from the land of the dead. The machine was a failure. I was about to dismantle the contraption when it started firing randomly. Now, the machine used a few … ingredients that no one living would want to have near them, much less fired all at once at them. Given the fact that I was surprised something I made began to malfunction, I was nearly hit with a blast and fell.

That is when Emilio showed up. He dodged every blast that fired in his direction. Once he made it to the machine, I told him to cut off the power source and where he could find it. He slashed the source with his sword and the machine stopped. He sheathed his sword and helped me up.

My name is Emilio.”

“Thank you for saving me, Emilio.”

“Think nothing of it … umm –”

“Lorenzo. Lorenzo Grant.”

“That was quite a machine you had there, Lorenzo. What was it meant to do and what was it firing?” asked Emilio.

“Yes. I built it. It was firing a ray that would bring something once living now dead back to the land of the living. That’s what it was meant to do. But I had no idea how the science behind that would work, now I think its more science fiction than anything.” Lorenzo said with a broken heart.

Emilio tried to console the disheartened boy. “My good friend, you did not fail; you just found one way that did not work. The fact that you can make such a complicated machine means you have a gift. A gift like this should be nurtured and shared with the world.”

“Now you sound like my … like my father.”

“Is he who you were trying to bring back?”

Lorenzo nodded his head yes.

“Well,” Emilio started, “I too just lost someone. My dog, Steve, ran away four nights ago, during that storm we had. I had followed his tracks and asked people if they had seen Steve anywhere. I eventually ended up outside of here and discovered him, lifeless, on the ground. I looked away because it was too painful to see him that way. That dog and I have been through everything together. I ended up looking in the direction of your machine firing these green beams of light every which way. I saw you and knew I had to help out immediately.”

“Well, it’s a good thing you decided to help out when you did. I might have ended up meeting my father sooner than I expected if one of those beams hit me.” Lorenzo chuckled.

“Yes, it is. Almost like destiny.”

“Would you like to come inside and help me explain this to my mother?”

“I’d be delighted.” Emilio replied.

“I am grateful that Emilio showed up and helped me that day. And I have been grateful since that very day and have therefore made Emilio my second-in-command. When I was younger, he and my mother helped me come up with a plan. Of course I made a few adjustments to the plan since it was developed about 10 years ago. I never really got around to actually implementing the plan until my mother died one year ago today. I promised her that I would start the plan as soon as she was buried next to my father in the cemetery. As a monument to my parents, I have put my parents’ house in the giant floating fortress I am currently living in. My fortress holds all the pieces I need in order to fulfill my dream. Well … almost every piece. I still need Val E. Ant and his crew here to complete my plan.”

Lorenzo went about his normal mandatory business in the beginning of the day. He checked the engines, the hull, and then he checked in on his most important stop of his morning: his parents’ house. He undid the security protocols, unlocked the front door, and walked in to the once happy home that he grew up in and started to speak while barely being able to hold back the tears that were starting to fill his eyes.

“Hey Mom. Hi Dad. It’s me, your uh … (sigh) your little boy, Lolo. I know that we talked yesterday but I wanted to touch base with you guys today to talk about the plan. Mom, you know the one where nobody has to feel like I did when I lost my father ever again. Dad, don’t worry. You’re gonna love the plan. That is, unless Mama already told you the plan. Oh, but I did make some changes to the plan ever since I understood that we can’t simply make a wish. That also unhinged some of my other plans, but those will come together later. Maybe.

Anyway, everything is in place except for the “heroes” being here. But believe me, they will be here. Today, we are gathering the last of the people on Earth and the “heroes” will be there to try and stop me but I have a surprise for them. Speaking of which, I now must leave and make sure the surprise is all set. Bye for now, Mom … Dad.”

Lorenzo stood silent a minute as tears streamed down his face and whimpers escaped from his throat. After composing himself he left his parents’ house, locked up, and switched the safety protocols back in place and exited the giant room. Despite feeling sad after remembering his parents’ deaths, Lorenzo had a smile on his face, for he knew that his parents would soon be embracing their son once more, they would be proud of him, and his plan would bring them peace. Val E. Ant and his crew would soon be in his clutches and they won’t be much of a problem when he was done with them. His surprise was almost all set and the band of heroes were about to kick it all off.

At that moment, the heroes were entering the last town that Lorenzo had yet to gather everybody and “hold hostage in his gigantic fortress, as the heroes put it. They were setting foot into the now almost empty town. Lorenzo’s soldiers were searching the last three houses when they spotted the heroes. Val E. Ant immediately drew his sword as he let out a might battle cry.

“Charge! Kill every last one of The Scoundrels!”

As soon as Val E. Ant screamed the order, the band of heroes charged towards the soldiers. The first hero, Tracy, thrust her sword straight at the closest Scoundrel’s chest but instead of hitting the Scoundrel’s chest, she found that she had struck something else. The heroes stopped where they were, frozen with confusion. They were mere inches from the enemy and their assault was stopped by some invisible thing. All the heroes attacked the strange clear thing and nothing happened. They attacked for a minute and still the clear thing appeared unharmed.

One hero, Hamu, started to look around. He noticed that the houses started to disappear into the ground.

“Um … Guys?” Hamu asked.

“Not now Hamu.” Val E. Ant replied.

“Hey, you guys.” Hamu said.

“Not now Hamu!” everybody screamed.

“But you guys!”


“Look!” Hamu shouted.

Everybody looked behind them just as the last houses disappeared. Then, off in the distance something like a cloud of black smoke started to gather and fill the sky. The cloud seemed to be moving around the heroes in some sort of shape. Val E. Ant deduced they were in a sphere since the smoke cloud started from a point and spread out from that point. Once they were completely surrounded and could no longer see The Scoundrels, they felt the sphere closing in on them. Val E. Ant quickly gave orders to his crew.

“Everyone, sheath your swords! Spread out to try and slow the thing from closing in on us!” he shouted.

Everybody ran to different places and tried to push it out from the inside. They tried and tried but the sphere still came closer and closer. They were all back to back and still it came closer. They started to fall over each other. The ones closer to the top of the pile were able to get up and the ones on the bottom had more trouble trying to get up, let alone, starting to try.

“Scope, get your hand off my backside before I cut your hand off.” Diane threatened.

Scope playfully replied, “That isn’t my hand.”

Diane quickly stood, turned, and kicked where she thought the hand had come from and Hamu let out a painful scream.

“Ow!! My face! What was that for?!? I was just trying to stand up!”

“I am so sorry Hamu. I thought it was Scope’s hand.” Diane said as she helped Hamu up.

“I said it wasn’t my hand.” Scope said.

It was then that Diane kicked Scope in the gut and he fell to the bottom of the sphere. The sphere started to slowly ascend and Diane elbow dropped Scope in the back. The sphere then ascended quicker and quicker and everyone fell on top of each other again. They all heard Scope yelp in pain but told him to get over it because they knew it was gonna be over soon.

They were right. The darkness cleared up and everyone noticed that they were high above the ground. Scope said something but no one really heard him. Nobody really noticed that he had said something at all. Half of them were in awe of how high in the sky they had climbed in a few minutes. The other half were shocked at the fortress they were about to enter and wondered about what kind of villain they were about to meet.

The bubble, as Hamu put it, started to slow down and it leveled off as the hangar doors opened slowly. They floated in and the doors shut behind them. The bubble slowly fell to the floor, opened, shrank, and closed. It zoomed to what appeared to be the place it came from. Then, a door creaked opened. From the opening, emerged a shadowy figure. That prompted the heroes to stand and prepare for what could possibly be the most important fight of their lives.

The figure clapped twice and the lights in the gigantic room turned on, revealing Lorenzo’s face.

“Hello, heroes of the land.” Lorenzo greeted them.

“And who are you?” Val E. Ant asked.

“My name is Lorenzo Grant. I am the –”

“You’re the villain who kidnapped the civilians and are holding them hostage.” Tracy accused.

“I know that it may not have been the best way to have gathered all the people for my plan, but I assure you –”

“Plan? What is your plan?” Hamu interrupted.

“My plan is basically to have no one feel the way I felt ever again. Or at least live knowing that somebody willingly and intentionally killed your father, mother, and/or any member of your family … or anyone for that matter.” Lorenzo passionately said.

“Wait, wait, wait. Wait one minute here. Are you saying you plan on killing everyone in this flying thing?” Scope assumed.

“Alright. First of all, the “flying thing” as you put it, is my flying fortress. If you are going to accuse me, at the very least you can do it right. Secondly, I have no intentions of killing anyone on board the ship. Killing is not on my agenda. Third, my intention today is to have the truth finally come out.” said Lorenzo.

“Forget the “truth” you’re talking about. It’s probably lies anyways. What have you done with the civilians and what do you plan to do with them if you are not trying to kill them … yet?” Diane asked.

“It’s not lies, it’s the truth. I have already set my plan in motion. I gathered all the people on the Earth so I can remodel their houses and while that’s hap –”

“Um … did you say you were going to remodel their homes?” asked Billy.

“Yes. We – okay it’s more my friends that do the work, I only supervise – my friends take inventory of the houses so that they can put everything back when they are done building the civilians new houses. The houses are built according to any person in the houses who may have any needs or require additional help in any way. Then, everyone goes on living a good life. Of course, I did put a spell on everyone and they were all –”

“Aha! I knew it! You put them all under a spell that will make them do anything you want!” Val E. Ant accused.

“If I am the villain you think I am, then wouldn’t I have already used the spell on you heroes?”

Suddenly, there was silence.

“Uh … yeah. Guys, he makes a great point there.” said Hamu.

“Besides, the “evil-be-gone spell” does not get people to do your bidding. It gets rid of their bad thoughts, intentions, and the ability to make a bad decision. As in, making a decision that will hurt someone.” Lorenzo explained.

“But, how will the spell know what is considered “bad”?” asked Tracy.

“Well, I can’t exactly say what is “good” and what is “bad”, but I was hoping that you would be willing to work with me in that event. I have a device that can tell me if a bad thing has happened and who committed it and who is the victim. Then, you can swoop in and catch the bad guy.”

“Okay. First, how does the device work? And second, maybe.” said Scope.

“To address the first issue, I honestly have no idea. I think I built it in my sleep or it just somehow materialized out of nowhere. Still a mystery to me. As for the second part, you will probably want to work with me given the next events of today.” Lorenzo answered.

“Hold on a minute. That whole truth thing that you were talking about. Is that it, Lorenzo?” Val E. Ant asked.

“As a matter of fact, it is. The truth begins the night Val E. Ant supposedly killed the hooded criminal in the black cape. It was really the night he killed my father – I swear! Don’t anyone interrupt me during this! Now, let me explain. We heard some noise outside. My father went to check out the noise wearing his black cape and had his hood up as it was raining that night. Father went out and didn’t come back in.

We heard everything and when you, Val E. Ant, were gone, we went to check on father only to discover that papa was near death. We had to bury him that night as per his wishes and were forced to suddenly and abruptly say goodbye to my papa before he could see me do anything amazing, before my parents could celebrate their 15th anniversary, before I could tell him how much I love him!”

“That’s all very sad and unfortunate Lorenzo, but if your father was not the hooded bandit, then why after that night did all the crimes stop occurring?” replied Val E. Ant.

“I am glad you brought that up Val.” countered Lorenzo.

“You see, when my mother and I buried my father that night, there was a man watching us. The man was wearing a white cape, but black clothing underneath. That was when I grew suspicious and a theory of mine started to develop. Over the years I have watched you and your little band of heroes, Val E. Ant, and one person in your group has caught my eye. I noticed that a friend of mine plunged a sword deep in the chest of another friend of mine and disappeared behind a wall one time. Then, a couple of seconds later, a person from your group emerged from behind that same wall. That led me to suspect that a member of your group is a shape-shifter.”

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