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Writing is a passion of mine and I hope my writing makes your day a little better.

“You find anything over there?” asked one specialist.

“No. You?” replied another.


“Oh well. Keep searching.”

“We have to find something. You find anything, Helen?” Walker asked while riffling through boxes.

“I found a bag of chips. Can I eat them?”

“What the – How did you – Never mind. No. Don’t eat the chips. I repeat, Do NOT eat the chips. They could be laced with something.”

“They what?” Helen said with a mouthful of chips.

“Over here! I think I found something!” Angelica shouted. Everyone ran over to see what she found. “It was in the same box the timer was in.”

A technician picked it up. “It’s another flash drive. We’re gonna need the Faraday cage again.” The Faraday cage was reconstructed and the same laptop was inside awaiting the new flash drive. The technician plugged the flash drive into the port and started searching through the files. As the technician started looking for clues, a message box popped up. It asked if it was okay to open a file named “S.P.”

“It might stand for “Secret Plans”?” Walker suggested. The technician clicked “yes”, and then the laptop screen faded to black. The technician tried typing some commands, hitting buttons, clicking anywhere on the screen but nothing worked. The screen showed nothing for a minute or two. Then a voice started speaking.

“Hello. If you are watching this, then you must know that you’re already as good as dead.” The person used a voice changer. “This is a recorded message; though I wish I could be there to tell you face-to-face how I will watch you die a slow and painful death. And please, feel free to use your imagine to fill in the blanks. By now, I suppose you found the secret entrance in the storage facility as well as the factory used to make the weapons used in the assault on the storage facility. So much carnage, so much fun.

As for the factory, there was never meant to be any bloodshed there. You might have thought that the blackout, the lockdown, and the timer was meant to be a bomb or something, but it wasn’t. Though, I can see how you might have assumed that. You know what they say about assumptions. Makes an ASS out of you. Heheh. That timer just counted down to active the security system that informed me that someone was on our tail. But you will not last much longer, and your families won’t fair much better than you will.

I know what you’re thinking: What kind of psychopath are we dealing with? Well you don’t have to worry about that for much longer. I will permit an audience with me. Just come to the “Clicked-Clack Café” around the corner from the factory. Just so you know, I have already sent a virus to your headquarters. Better not take this laptop outside the Faraday cage. No, I don’t have eyes on you. I just figured that you would take every precaution needed when dealing with a crazy person. Kill you soon. Cue the evil maniacal laugh!” The voice stopped talking and the screen slowly returned to normal.

“That was one messed up son of a bitch.” Walker quietly said.

“Let’s head outside the cage.” Helen said.

“There’s a lot of stuff on here I have to sift through. Could take anywhere from a couple of hours to a day or two. I’ll stay here and see if I can pull anything useful the flash drive.” said the technician.

“Okay. Let us know if you find anything.” Angelica replied. The trio walked out of the Faraday cage.

They got into their blacked out SUVs and drove to the “Clicked-Clack Café”. It was only a block but they got in because it was a force of habit. When they got there, they got out of the cars and looked at each other.

“You know we’re heading into some kind of a trap, right?” Angelica asked.

“Yes. We have to. If we don’t, we may never get another chance to stop “Fear Mongers”. If they get away with changing the “Supergirl Serum”, nobody can stop them.” Helen replied.

“Alright. Heading into a trap we go.” Angelica, Helen, and General Walker walked into the café. They were expecting armed guards, ninjas, or a really big goon ready to strike them down where they stood. But to their collective relief, they saw that the café was normal. Everything going on inside the café was something that you could see in any café. Their relief slowly turned a sense of uneasiness because of this thought: If everything and everyone looks normal, then who is the person sent there to kill them?

“Keep your eyes peeled. Anyone could be a killer. Hell, there could be a group of them. Damn, EVERYONE could be the killers.” Walker was the most uneasy of all of them.

“Calm down, Walker!” Helen quietly yelled at her friend. “All we have to do is watch the crowd, see if we can catch anything out of the ordinary. Now watch and listen.” General Walker calmed down after that.

They waited. They watched people come into the café, order something, and then walk out with their order shortly after that. This happened a lot over the course of a few hours. Three to be exact. No suspicious characters in cloaks or trench coats came in or left.

“We’ve been here for three hours, Walker.” Helen whined. “We haven’t spotted anyone who could be linked to the “Fear Mongers”.”

“Look, we just have to be patient. It’s fine. The voice said that they would be here, so we can’t do anything but wait.” Walker reassured Helen and Angelica.

“Excuse me, ladies; these are from the gentlemen over there.” The waitress pointed to a table with three guys sitting at the other end of the café. When she pointed to them, the guys waved at the three ladies. “Enjoy.” she said, putting the drinks down in front of them.

“Oh. Thank you.” Angelica said. The waitress walked away. “That was nice of them.”

“Indeed. I was getting thirsty sitting here for THREE HOURS.” Helen glared at General Walker, as General Walker got a call on her cell phone.

“I must take this. Excuse me, ladies.” When Walker got up, she hit the table and the drinks spilled onto the floor. “Sorry. Go for Walker.” The general walked to the little hallway leading to the bathrooms.

Helen and Angelica got some napkins and were about to clean up the spilled drinks when they noticed the liquid started to dissolve the floor. They looked at each other, then at the table with the three guys. They were quietly arguing with each other when they noticed Angelica and Helen were looking in their direction. They stopped arguing, took out their guns, and started shooting at them. A crowd of people fled in terror as Helen flipped a table and she and Angelica took cover behind it.

“Walker! We need backup!” Helen shouted to her friend. General Walker ran to them, shooting with a gun in each hand and shot one of the bad guys in the chest. He fell backwards into a window and broke it. The guy to his left took the dead guy’s position and kept firing. The general flipped another table and dragged it next to the one Helen flipped.

“Either of you know how to use one of these?” Walker tossed a handgun at Helen.

“I know how to use one, but I don’t know if I know how to use it well.” Helen doubtingly answered. Helen put the handgun over her head, aimed in the general direction of the bad guys.

“Damn it, Helen! We’re fighting for our lives here!” Walker shouted.

“I’m sorry! I told you I can’t use it well!”

“Hand me the gun!” Angelica told Helen. Helen handed her the handgun. Angelica grabbed it, turned around and started shooting. One bullet hit a bad guy in the chest close to the heart. He fell forwards onto a table, breaking it.

The last bad guy panicked and made a break for it. As he ran through the door, Angelica shot him through the back of the knee. He fell to the ground screaming in pain. The trio got up from their barricade and walked over to guy trying to crawl away. Angelica passed the handgun to Helen and said, “Here, Helen. Now, you have a chance to get better at aiming. Take your first shot.”

Helen said, “Go easy.” Helen reloaded the gun with the magazine General Walker handed her and cocked it. “You’re my first.” She pointed the gun at his back.

“You can go ahead and aim for my head. I’m not gonna talk.” He said.

“I have VERY bad aim. I warn you – It may take a while.” Helen aimed the gun sporadically at different places on his body.

“I will never answer to a woman!” Then he spat on the ground. General Walker forcefully dropped her knee on his wounded knee and he let out a scream filled with agony.

She stayed on his knee, digging in deeper as she said, “See, asshole …, we got all the time in the world. We could keep this up as long as you can stay alive.” She dug in more and he screamed again. “Maybe longer. My friend holding the gun (she pointed to Helen. She waved at him.) she is also a doctor. She’s used to saving lives, but she may have to take one today. Things happened recently that made us question everything we know. So you might want to be a bit more forthcoming.”

The bad guy strained to respond. “I … will … never … help … you.” He spat again, but now there was blood.

“Have it your way.” Walker got off his knee. “But remember: We gave you a chance.” Walker dropped back down on his knee harder than before. He screamed again. Helen jammed the gun into his back. “If I pull this trigger, it will sever your spinal cord. You will be paralyzed forever.” Helen whispered in his ear. She pulled the trigger and he cringed in anticipation.

Nothing happened. Helen took the gun out of his back. “Silly me. I had the safety on.” She turned the safety off. “So sorry. Let me try this again.” She jammed the gun into his back again.

“Stop! Stop! I’ll tell you everything! I’ll tell you everything, just please, for the love of God, stop!” He begged.

“Finally.” Angelica said. The police and ambulances came on the scene and got the guy patched up and sent off to jail after he told them everything he knew. He knew the location, he knew the cause, and he knew the name of the person they were working for: Beurena. They were working out of an underground complex in the British Columbia province. It was a secret lab that was used when producing the first batches of the “Supergirl Serum”.

The cause was to create a new serum. The serum would be specific to males instead of females and make them 21x stronger than the average male. It was given the nickname the “Superboy Serum”. This Beurena person wears a mask and a cloak, like a villain from a comic book. They don’t know who is under the mask, but they know Beurena wants to give the world back to the males.

“Alright. So we know this Beurena character is the one behind it all. Probably the one who was the voice on the flash drive. Killed our technician, too.” Walker summed up.

“Wait, what?!?” Helen exclaimed. “When did this happen?!?”

“My friend from the storage facility, Wilma, called me earlier. She said that the technician died when the flash drive exploded. A big explosion that tore the technician to pieces. Must have been why Beurena wanted us to keep the laptop inside the cage, hoped we would have waited there to see what else was on the drive. When I heard the gunshots, I told Wilma we needed backup. She notified the local police, they took care of everything.”

“Damn.” Helen paced back and forth furiously. “Why didn’t the laptop find the explosives or alert us to it or something!?!”

“The flash drive must have masked it or something. Maybe the heat from the laptop activated it. Either way, we have to avenge the fallen. We can’t let any of the deaths be for nothing. We have to march forward and go check out the lab. That is where we can end it.”

“Let’s go teach this Beurena not to mess with “Supergirls”.” Angelica said. They high-fived each other with such vigor, that Angelica’s hand hurt because Helen and Walker were so strong. The Canadian Forces, The U.S. Military, and the local police, swat teams, and the “Supergirls”, as they have dubbed themselves, came up with a plan of attack on the secret lab. Tanks, fighter jets, and helicopters were involved; special armor and they were able to engineer the weapons the “Fear Mongers” used in the assault on the storage facility, all to end the threat.

The lab was in an isolated area so there were no civilians to clear from the area. They were clear for destruction, if it was to ensue. Given the psychopath they were up against, they knew destruction was inevitable. Everyone was in place and the plan was set in motion. The tanks were ahead of the Canadian Forces and the U.S. Military and the rest were behind them. Everyone was carrying the guns and ammunitions used in the assault on the facility; some were even carrying rocket launchers.

Just as the tanks were about to attack the lab, the land beside the lab on the left side opened up. A platform was being raised and on the platform were the “Fear Mongers” foot soldiers wearing bright red armor. There were almost as many of them as there were attacking the lab. They charged at each other, firing at whomever and whatever they could hit. The tanks shot first and took out a decent amount of them. The “Fear Mongers” returned fire with their rocket launchers, hitting a few of the tanks.

The “Fear Mongers” were losing soldiers faster than their opponents, when another platform came up from the right side of the lab. More foot soldiers with even more rocket launchers emerged and started shooting. A few more tanks were taken out and a couple of people were hit. General Walker ordered an air strike on the “Fear Mongers” soldiers near the lab and the fighter jets and helicopters took down a lot of them.

“General Walker, take a group with you and make a break for the lab. We’ll cover you.” The lieutenant general suggested. The lieutenant general threw a grenade and killed some “Fear Mongers” who weren’t paying attention.

“Will do. Leave a few for us when we get back; might have some residual anger when we get back.” Walker said.

“No promises.” The lieutenant general said while shooting the gun that poisons its targets.

“Let’s go, team!” Walker led her team of a few Canadian Forces soldiers, U.S. Military soldiers, Helen, and Angelica to the first platform they could get to and got on it. They pressed the down button and the platform started to go back down into the underground lab. A few foot soldiers tried to stop them, but Walker, Helen, and Angelica shot them.

The platform eventually stopped. They got off and started looking around. They found only one door and a map near it. The map showed them the way to the lab with the scientists, the mixing chamber, the chamber with the original formula, and everywhere else. Since there were only three places they needed to go, and nine people on the team, they split into three teams and took off for the three different places.

The Canadian Forces went for the chamber with the original formula. The U.S. Military went for the lab with the scientists. The “Supergirls” went to the mixing chamber to destroy the new “Superboy” formula. They would contact each other when they ran into trouble or completed their task. The Canadian Forces group had a longer path to travel than the others, but they were the first to radio in. A group of five “Fear Mongers” soldiers shot at them. The U.S. Military were the second to radio in. A group of five “Fear Mongers” soldiers had them pinned down a few feet from the lab.

The real challenge was waiting for the “Supergirls”. When they reached the chamber with the original formula, they found 40 “Fear Mongers” soldiers armed to the teeth with more than enough fire power to kill them. Half were by vats of the new formula and the other half were on the second level by a chair. The chair turned around and Beurena was sitting in it.

“How nice of you to join us.” Beurena used a voice changer. “Have you come to watch us bask in the defeat of the world as you know it?” Beurena said smugly.

“We’ve come to stop you.” Helen fired back.

“We came to bring you to justice.” Walker chimed in.

“We’re here to take you down.” Angelica added.

“I expected nothing less. This is my right-hand, Captain Reese. Captain?”

“Yes, Master Beurena.” The soldier to Beurena’s right answered.

“Is everyone wearing the new armor?”

“Yes. Everyone is wearing the new special armor you had made for us, Master Beurena.”

“Good. Remember, Mama loves you.” Beurena pulled out a remote control with one button.

“What?!? Wait!!! Master –” Captain Reese pleaded. But it was too late. Beurena hit the button and all of Beurena’s foot soldiers were electrocuted. Their lifeless bodies fell to the floor and blood started pooling from some of them.

“Walker. What happened? “The “Fear Mongers” foot soldiers appear to have been shocked to death. What did you do?” The lieutenant general asked.

“That wasn’t us, lieutenant. Beurena zapped ‘em. They must’ve had some kind of “kill switch” built into their armor. We’re re requesting backup in the mixing chamber. Get here as soon as you can. We have Beurena. Repeat: We have Beurena. Over and out.”

“This is Commander Jackson. We have secured the original formula. We’re heading back to the surface. Over and out.”

“Roger that, Commander.” Walker said.

“This is Major Thompson. We have secured the scientists in the lab. We’re bringing them back to the surface. We’ll see you topside.”

“Roger that, Major.” Walker started to move towards Beurena. “Time to come with us, Beurena.”

“Oh I don’t think so. You see,” Beurena stood up and took off the mask with the voice changer. “I am not nearly done.”

“Holy crap, Beurena’s a woman!” Helen exclaimed.

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