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Writing is a passion of mine and I hope my writing makes your day a little better.

I created this story and asked my friend, Angelica (yes I did name the character after her because she is a strong woman, in every sense of the word.), to help make sure my writing wasn't sexist or anything like that. I also just wanted to put something positive in the world. So, please, I hope you enjoy this. Have a great day!

“I thought so.” Angelica said. Walker and Helen looked at her.

“How did you figure it out, my dear?” Beurena asked.

“For starters, Beurena seemed like a name for a female instead of a male. At first, I thought that might be exactly why you chose the name Beurena. So I kept an open mind, even after you gave your psycho little speech. The more I thought about it, the more I kept thinking about Beurena. It seemed like such an odd name, even for a villain. I figured you would have gone with something like “Fear Captain” or “Captain Fear”, for instance.”

“Funny. I actually thought about those names, but neither fit into my grand scheme.” Beurena said.

“I suppose not. While waiting for you back at the café, I had a little free time on my hands, so I occupied myself. I started switching the letters of Beurena around, hoping you just took your name and made an anagram. You did. When I switched the letters around, I got A. Reuben.”

“Good job, – what was your name again, my dear?” A. Reuben asked.

“Angel, to my friends and family. Angelica, to others.”

“Good to know.”

“Although, A. Reuben could have been male. The moment that clinched it was when you told your right-hand man, Captain Reese, that “mama loves you”. That must have meant that you were a female. As to whom you actually are, I have no idea.”

“Glad to I have some secrets you don’t know.”

“If I may…” Angelica politely interrupted.

“Oh, go right ahead. I do so love this. It kind of feels like one of those murder-mysteries things, but better.” A. Reuben joked.

“I remembered that Helen showed me footage of the first test subjects that were injected with the first successful batch of the “Supergirl Serum”. That must mean that there were subjects that the formula didn’t enhance. YOU must be one of the subjects whom it didn’t work on. Is that correct?”

“Not quite.” A. Reuben started walking down the stairs. “You see, I was the very first test subject. They injected me with the “Supergirl Serum”, but nothing happened. No physical changes. But there was a change in my DNA. It made me live longer, not stronger. No diseases to worry about, only someone trying to cause me physical harm.”

“Wait a minute.” Helen interrupted. “Does that mean that you have been alive ALL these years?!?”

“Yes. The scientists I abducted told me that I actually have another 200, 250 years to live. Unlike my sister. After they injected me with the serum and it didn’t take, they moved on to her. I asked them why it didn’t work, and they said they weren’t sure. All they “knew for certain” was that they had the formula correct. She was the one who it successfully worked on. She was Aileen Reuben. I am Alice Reuben.” Alice stopped at the bottom of the stairs. “I’m also the one who served you your drinks.” She smiled.

“None of that I knew, if that makes you feel better.” Angelica said with a shocked look on her face.

“It does.” Alice chuckled.

“Then why did you abduct the scientists if you could outlive any one of us?” Walker asked.

“Outlive you? Yes. Out strong you? No. The formula did not enhance my strength. That’s where the scientists come in. I abducted the scientists some time ago and told them what I wanted them to do. Some knew about the formula but none knew its chemical structure. It was kept top secret even now. They trust very few people with making it and they keep those people in a very, very top secret location. So I had to steal the original “Supergirl Serum”.

During their captivity, the scientists worked out different versions of the serum and how to make it more … accommodating to those with different DNA. Once I handed them the original, they didn’t have to make many changes to one of their versions and they were able to make me a large enough supply to keep me strong till the day I “naturally” die.

Unfortunately, the dose lasts for a day and it takes a while to take full effect. That’s why I injected myself with a dose when I pressed the button and killed my minions. I should reach full strength in a few minutes. I will be stronger than you three; I will be stronger than anyone!”

“Wait a second. I have a few issues with that.” Walker said.

“Oh, please, ask away.” said Alice.

“So you were never going to help those people? You were never going to inject the men you employed with the “Superboy Serum”, were you?” Walker started walking around Alice.

“Oh, please. I was never going to help those assholes! A man raped my sister! Why should I help them get stronger? They openly talked about how they wanted to rape women. I always planned on killing them, but when I heard that, I knew I had to kill them the way I did. I used the Beurena costume to make them think they were helping some guy and all they wanted to do was help me achieve my plan. They followed me blindly, and it worked in my favor.” Alice was so focused on Walker; she didn’t notice Helen and Angelica over by one of the vats of the new formula.

“Look, I’m not sure what this will do to me, but we have to try something.” Angelica whispered to Helen.

“What!? I can’t let you do that! We have no idea what this will do to you. I haven’t had time to compare your DNA to ours yet. This could leave you paralyzed, in a catatonic state, or dead. You would be taking a very big and very serious risk.”

“Helen. Walker has Alice distracted right now. She will be able to destroy the world and remake it however she sees fit. We have to do something. You guys have helped me so much. I can’t let her destroy our world.”

“Our world?” Helen curiously asked.

“Yes. Our world. I want to stay here with you two. I can’t imagine going back to a world without these specific versions of you two. This has been a lot of fun and I don’t want to miss a single minute of it.”

“I can’t imagine a world without you either. I’d be honored to have you in my home.”

“Thank you, Helen. Now, help me get some of this serum.”

“Another thing: Why one time stronger than us? Why not 5, 10, or even 100?” Walker asked.

“I don’t know if your grammar was correct for the “one time stronger” thing, but I’ll roll with it. The number was more about you knowing that I was not much stronger than you and you knowing that you couldn’t do anything about it. After all, we all know what happens if you get two injections. And I could always kill whoever you tried to inject with this formula or whatever new one you could create.” Alice answered.

“What happens if you inject someone twice?” Angelica asked before drinking the new formula.

“When they tried it in the 60’s, the woman expanded and eventually burst. Guts were everywhere.”

“Good to know.” Angelica gulped the last of the formula. “It burned like a shot of vodka.”

“I wouldn’t know about the taste of the formula, I just know about the vodka shot. Give it a few minutes to take full effect before taking her on.”

“Got it. Still burns.”

“Sorry about that. Just … be careful.”

“Don’t worry, mom.” Angelica and Helen look at each other and laugh.

“Enough stalling, Walker. It’s time for me to make good on my threat and kill you.”

“Think again, Alice.” Walker charged at Alice. She tried to punch her, but Alice blocked her punch.

“Why do you think I waited so long before attacking you?” Alice strained to say. “Because now” Alice punched General Walker in the gut. “I’m as strong as you.” Walker doubled over. “Apparently I’m stronger than you.”

Helen snuck up behind Alice and punched her dead center in the spine. Alice turned to look at Helen. “Ooh. That tickled.” Alice backhanded Helen and she spun around and fell to the ground. “That hurt both of us. Got a feeling it hurt you more than me.”

Walker grabbed Alice’s leg. “See now? You shouldn’t have done that. You shouldn’t have gone and hurt my friend.”

“What are you gonna do? Besides bleed to death.” Alice attempted to kick Walker in the face, but Walker stopped her. She blocked the kick with both hands, stopping a few inches from her nose. She applied pressure to a pressure point on Alice’s leg and Alice gasped as she was knocked out.

“What did you do to her?” Helen asked rolling onto her back, groaning.

“I applied pressure to one of her pressure points on her leg. Knocked her out. Not sure for how long though.” Walker strained. She crawled over to her friend to check on her. “You good?”

“Not sure. Is there a red mark on my face?” Helen moved her hand away from her face and a giant red mark was revealed.

“Not much. Barely there in a while.” Walker rolled over on her back.

“Thanks. How much pressure did you apply?”

“I applied as much as I could muster up.”

“Guess it wasn’t good enough.” Alice said. Helen and Walker looked at the now standing Alice. She cracked her neck. “Ready for round two?” She walked over to them and before they could get up, she grabbed them by their necks and lifted them off the ground.

“Did you two really think you could beat me?” Helen and Walker were struggling, trying to fight her off. Alice tightened her grip on their necks. “Did you really think you stood a snowball’s chance in hell!?” Walker and Helen gasped for air. “When you go to hell, tell my minions that I’ll see them after their 5 billionth time getting a pitchfork up their ass!” She tightened her grip again.

“Hey!” Angelica yelled, leaning against a vat. Alice turned around to face the one she forgot about. “Put my friends down and I’ll go easy on you.”

“You know, all this talk of friendship makes me want one of my own.” Alice threw them to the side, both barely breathing. “Not only is your “challenge” laughable, it’s more than acceptable for someone of my strength.”

“You sure you want to take a “Super Supergirl”?” Angelica stood up straight, but staggered a little.

“Are you telling me that you had a double dose of the serums?”

“Bet your ass I did.” Angelica lied.

“A fight to the death? How could I pass up the opportunity to test my newfound strength against a soon-to-be dead double doser?” Alice cracked her knuckles. “I simply can’t.”

Alice ran at Angelica. Angelica sidestepped and tripped her. Alice fell flat on her face. Angelica stumbled but regained her balance as Alice got back up. She wiped the little trickle of blood from face. “I planned to make your death painless. Fortunately for me there’s been a change of plans.”

“Come get me, B.O.S.”


“Bitch on steroids.” Angelica taunted.

“Look who’s talking, you S.O.B.” Alice charged at Angelica again. She tried to punch Angelica in the face, but Angelica blocked her punch with both hands. Straining to get Alice’s fist from connecting with her face, Angelica went to one knee. Alice attempted to punch her with the other hand, but Angelica rolled away from her and stood. Alice was angry and Angelica was surprised.

“Didn’t know I could do that.” Angelica adopted a “street fighter” fighting stance. “Let’s see what else I can do now that this new serum is taking full effect.” She gave the “bring it on” signal and that made Alice scowl.

This time Alice walked to Angelica and threw a punch. Angelica caught it with one hand and threw a punch of her own with the other hand. Alice stumbled back a little, rubbing her face. “Finally … a challenger reveals herself. Please, allow me to return the favor.”

Alice threw a punch, but Angelica blocked it. Alice tried again, and again she was denied. She tried again and again, faster and faster, as fast as she could. Angelica waited until Alice slowed down before unleashing her own flurry of punches. She finished with an uppercut and sent Alice flying a couple of feet.

“See? I told you I would go easy.” Angelica teased.

Alice started to get up. “You think … you’ve won … just because … I … I’m a … little winded?” Alice stood. “Then you’ve got … more to … worry about … than I do.” Now Alice gave the “bring it on” sign.

Angelica walked over to Alice and punched her in the gut. She doubled over. Angelica picked her up and backhanded her. Again Alice went flying. She spiraled in the air until she landed face down on the ground near Helen and Walker. Angelica went to check on her friends.

“You two okay?” Angelica helped them stand.

“Won’t know for sure until the doctors check us out, but I think we’ll be fine.” Helen joked.

“Will you be able to take Walker while I bring Alice to the surface?”

“Yeah. I think I can manage to carry this old son of a gun.”

“Fine.” Walker leaned on her friend. “But just this once.”

“Think of it as payback for having my back earlier.” Helen and Walker started walking to the opening of the chamber.

“Yeah, I suppose I’m fine with that.”

Alice started chuckling. They turned around to look at the defeated Alice and Angelica cautiously crept over to her. Alice started laughing louder and louder.

“What’s so funny, B.O.S.?” Angelica asked.

“This, you S.O.B.” Alice took out another remote. She pressed the button. A big space on the wall on the second level opened and out came a bigger version of the timer the trio saw in the factory. It was already counting down and when it came out, it read 4:27. “This one WILL explode. In my defense, I thought I would already be done with you all by now. I would be bathed in your blood and –”

“We get it! You’re a creepy son of a bitch! Just shut up!” Helen snapped.

“Helen. You and Walker get out of here. I’ll drag this creep out of here.”

“I won’t go without a fight.” Alice said. Angelica kicked her in the face and knocked Alice out.

“Now, I’ll carry her out. Get going!” She picked up Alice and threw her unconscious body over her shoulder. She caught up to Walker and Helen and had Walker lean on her as well. Walker looked back at the timer and it read 3:20.

“Helen: Grab my walkie-talkie and let them know this place is gonna explode. We need a chopper for emergency evacuation.”

“On it.” Helen grabbed the walkie-talkie and let them know. They got on the platform and the timer read 1:30. When they got up to the surface, a helicopter was waiting for them. They piled in and flew away. The timer counted down to zero and the entire underground lab blew up. The helicopter was still within range of the blast and the debris field. The pilot had to maneuver out of the way of a few pieces, but they were all okay.

A few weeks past and everything was going back to normal. Alice was being treated for her injuries and was waiting to stand trial for her crimes. Helen and Walker’s injuries healed nicely and they were fine. Helen was upset that Walker lied about the mark on her face, but she was fine after it went away. They were having a dinner to celebrate.

“I can’t thank you enough for letting me stay here with you, Helen.” Angelica thanked Helen.

“No worries, my dear.”

“I told you guys: Please, call me Angel.”

Helen and Walker looked at each other. “Angelica, we have something to tell you.” Helen said. Angelica looked worried.

“It’s nothing bad.” Walker reassured her. “It’s actually pretty cool.”

“About a month or two before you arrived through the portal, someone reached out to us.”

“It was a psychic.” Walker said.

“Yes. She claimed she was psychic. She sought us out because she said that she had important information for us. She explained that she a vision dream and said that we would need help in the future. She said that we would meet the person who would help us. She said that we would meet an angel.”

“We know that you were the angel we were supposed to meet.”

“The angel would help us and watch over and protect us from that moment on.”

Tears started streaming down Angelica’s face. Helen went over and hugged her. Walker started to serve herself. Helen and Walker started having a quiet argument. Walker eventually surrendered and went over and hugged them.

Angelica hugged them back. “I love you guys.” Angelica cried.

“We love you too … Angel.” Walker tried to hold back her tears, but couldn’t for long.

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