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After last night's episode of "AOS", I felt relieved, destroyed, happy, confused, and more all in a matter of minutes. There are spoilers ahead and I do not blame you if you turn away here and now. I will be discussing where the season 4 finale could take us. Here we go.

1) "GOTG VOL. 2"

So "Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2" will be out as of this Friday, May 5th, and "AOS" could be heading in that direction. Why? Because "Infinity War" will bring a lot, if not all, of our MCU heroes together. It would be nice to establish a reason or a way for the space heroes to come to Earth before the menacing Thanos threatens to destroy the Earth. Why would the intergalactic gang want to save Earth when there are other planets to save unless they had an important tie-in to Earth? Given the nature of our heroes, they wouldn't exactly do it out of the kindness of their hearts. Maybe. Probably not.

2) Setting up "Spider-man"

"Spider-man: Homecoming" will be out in July. Marvel usually finds a way to either set up a movie or to find a way to tie-in to the movie in the episode after the movie came out. They might have FitzSimmons make a cameo in the movie. Or have a character casually mention going to New York. However small the tie-in is, they usually make some form of a tie-in. Maybe someone says how much they hate spiders?

3) Season 5 villain

They might let us know that they got another season by setting up their season 5 big bad. They did with AIDA, but we didn't exactly know that AIDA was going to be the villain, well, main villain for season 4. Depending on if they do get picked up for season 5, they might just be a little cocky and show the villain and hope for the best.

4) Relationships

I am not saying that any character is defined by a relationship, each character is able to stand on their own as we have seen throughout the show's history. But relationships have developed and evolved during the show and we have come to like the characters more for this. We might see a FitzSimmons marriage. Or a Philinda relationship get serious, well, serious-er. Daisy might not get a love interest, but like I said, the characters are not defined by their relationships.

Regardless if any of these are correct, the S4 season finale will be interesting and the best season finale yet. Let me know what you think and I will be back later.

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