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Season 4 of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. is almost in the books and we are all still guessing what's going to happen and what will be the setup for season 5, assuming there is one. The latest episode, last night, proved that there SHOULD be a season 5 and many more. I should say that there are kind of spoilers in this, so read at your own risk. Here are a few predictions as to what could happen in the season 4 finale.

AIDA / Ivanov

AIDA is very powerful, but Inhumans and gifted alike are not always indestructible. Every villain has a weakness, the team just has to find out what hers is. She might die or they might make her human somehow or something else will happen to her. My point here is that her story will be finished, at the very least, it will be done for now.

Ivanov says that his plan is already in motion. He wants to turn the real world into the Framework. HOW he plans to do that has yet to be clearly laid out. It is entirely possible that he becomes a main villain in season 5 because his heads whereabouts aren't known yet (by the way, just his head .... not the rest of him, JUST the head. Weird, but not for Marvel.). I don't know if they will have his story line finished just yet, but we will find out next week.


We will find out how much Fitz-Simmons will have to work to make their relationship continue. Based on last night, they want to make it work. They really do deserve all the happiness in the world, but we will see how much input they need to achieve the desirable output. Besides, ... it's Marvel. WHO ever gets a happy ending in the Marvel Universe?

Speaking of ... May and Coulson will probably have a heart-to-heart and they will most likely get together. Now, something might go wrong, and something probably will. (See above for Marvel Unhappy Endings.) One of them is not likely to die seeing as how both are essential to the show. I can see one getting hurt and then the other trying desperately to save them. Won't know until the next show.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is coming back and I'm overjoyed by this news. I really want to see how he will help take down AIDA. He survived quite a while in the between worlds place. Since he helped take out his uncle who wanted to rule the world, it makes sense he will want to take down AIDA because she also wants to rule the world. Plus, it's fun watching him and Daisy interact. Watching him and anyone interact is fun.

Season 5

Under the assumption that there is a season 5, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will no doubt setup their next big baddie. Who will it be? Considering the whole digital world Framework ordeal, I thought Arnim Zola would have made an appearance. That was along the line of him having survived being blown up in "The Winter Soldier". It is possible, but not confirmed that he in fact survived. I'd like to say he did, if only for my theory to work. I am 80% certain that it will be someone not yet introduced yet and 20% that it will be someone we have already seen.

Random Thoughts

As for some random thoughts, what happened to Senator Nadeer's brother. After being shot, he was dumped into the ocean and he seemingly went into the cocoon-like stage of terrigenisis. He had a few powers, so dying and coming back might be one of them. Perhaps he didn't die but went into the cocoon and began healing himself. Like when he takes a lot of damage, his body heals itself.

What are the watchdogs doing now? Is Ivanov still leading them? They are still relevant, but what are they up to?

What happened with the Daisy LMDs? Are some still around or did they all get destroyed in the blast? They probably don't have powers, but they were made for some reason. So what was their reason for being created?

What do you think will happen in the season 4 finale?

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