Posted by, LLC has announced today it has sold a single DVD of GIRLFIGHT: INVITE at the retail price of $2,999.99 through The sale took place back in September.

Yes, a 10 minute film called GirlFight: inVite really is listed for sale at $2,999.99 on

Denounced as “the worst indie/amateur film ever” and “I watched it so you don’t have to,” by Amazon reviews, GIRLFIGHT: INVITE was released to both praise and criticism; the praise being for its ingenuity and its dedication to female empowerment and criticism harshly towards its production value, particularly the many out-of-focus shots during the first fight and cheesy makeup effects which relied on using household items as simple as gelatin despite being released on a $2,500 shoe-string budget.

The “worst indie/amateur film ever” sold a single DVD for $3,000 within 3 days of promoting it as banned after it was banned from Amazon Video.

What is unique about the sale is that the movie is only 10 minutes. It was first released to Amazon Prime Video through Amazon Prime Video Direct, the company that now oversees Prime Video distribution, but was blocked for “offensive content” with no further reason given. The DVD was produced through CreateSpace, a separate company from Amazon that sells GIRLFIGHT’s books and DVDs.

“Once I was contacted by Amazon about the ban I became furious until I realized what this meant for GIRLFIGHT – that we have now entered the Banned/Exploitative Market where the buyer’s market is most lucrative especially since the film budgets are very small. I only marketed the film as being banned for maybe 3 days and just for 3 days of marketing sold the $3,000 DVD. I never imagined ever selling any DVD for $3k and I never imagined it being only a 10 minute film. I’m not going to say it will happen because I honestly do not know if we’ll ever sell another $3,000 DVD but I’m also not going to say it won’t happen because I doubted a DVD of me would ever sell for $3,000 so I’ve already proved myself wrong. Honestly, my listing of GIRLFIGHT for $3k was meant to be a joke so that when I changed the price I could market the film as being 99% off but now that it has sold a $3k copy means we have a market in the high-price consumer market. So if anyone wants an affordable copy of GIRLFIGHT before Christmas they better get it now while GIRLFIGHT: HARDCORE EDITION EXTENDED CUT is only $19.99 – that DVD is about to be raised to $3k since it contains the most complete version ever.”

Overall, this is good news for Ohio as it proves nation-wide Ohio is worth more than a tax break and cheap locations and has valuable talent as it further attracts the likes of Hollywood-backed films.

“Ohio’s my home and we have great talent here. I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Since the ban, Kelcey pulled all the free online editions but not before taking the opportunity to deliver a free, online PG-13 version that severely zoomed in mainly on Moonlight to hide her scantily attire as well as to cut about 3 minutes and have an alternative title sequence. That PG-13 version was released in September after its original version was banned and has generated almost 5,000 views in just under 3 months.

GIRLFIGHT was originally planned as a feature film and during its promotion throughout 2016 attracted many talents from Hollywood, mostly through IMDBPRO, but most notably had attached Rochelle Davis from “The Crow” starring Brandon Lee.

The film’s Executive Producer, Kelcey Coe notes: “GIRLFIGHT had to be delayed because it became too big for one guy to handle. I didn’t have a development team, it was all me. I was expected to manage film scheduling, casting and retention, talent acquisitions as necessary, as well as plan and provide the effects. GIRLFIGHT: INVITE was a monster in of itself and it took 3 months to complete because of conflicting schedules and long travel distances. GIRLFIGHT is forever and this time I’m keeping everything about it a secret until it is finished.”

So what does this mean for the cast of GIRLFIGHT: INVITE?

Kelcey goes on to explain: “MONEY! The girls of GIRLFIGHT will now be setup on payment plans so once the production makes back its budget they will get paid. Selling a $3,000 DVD on Amazon nets me a $1600 royalty. So $1600 of that $2500 has been paid back, selling another copy on Amazon will allow the budget to be matched so after a third sale the girls will start seeing returns. They will receive a substantial percentage of the actual $1600, not a “decimal percentage of a percentage” quota that Star Wars became popular for where one actor done no more than 4 hours worth of work for a very small percentage of a percentage and made millions from Star Wars success. But if only one more copy of GIRLFIGHT is sold directly through CreateSpace where the royalty is $2400, the girls will be paid immediately from that sale as the budget will have made back its money. Donors are also welcome to send $900 to match the production budget so that the next DVD that sells for $3,000 will directly impact the girls. No matter, the pay is substantial – Kelli Culbertson, who lent only her voice which appeared very few times in the banned copy, will make $99.00 USD off of each $3,000 sale once the budget is met – so the smallest any girl will be paid is $99 per sold DVD for just a couple hours of work. She’s the lowest paid cast member only because scheduling and travel conflicts prohibited her from participating physically in the film. So if millions of these copies sell, we all become instant millionaires. And this cast deserves all of it. It wasn’t me that sold GIRLFIGHT, it was me with them on my side.”

GIRLFIGHT had one of the most aggressive casting and marketing campaigns, causing many people to quit and even distance themselves from the project as it required huge amounts of dedication and motivation for little pay.

“For all the girls and guys who quit GIRLFIGHT I guarantee you they’re kicking themselves before hanging themselves. But you never know what the future holds – I personally hold no grudges against anyone who dropped or was fired from GIRLFIGHT because the demands were excessive and I knew this. Hell, I don’t even hold a grudge to the boyfriend who pulled a knife on me on the set of GIRLFIGHT. I think I can be taken serious now in future projects and many will even do it for free because they want that $99 per DVD. This is why I always told all the models I work with to work receiving free GIRLFIGHT merchandise, free food, free copies of the now $3,000 DVD they could resell autographed by them, gas reimbursement, you name it. I wanted only the girls who were hungry for it to come. I knew if they were under the impression they weren’t getting anything out of it besides free exposure they would deliver great performances as brutal and vicious fighter characters and that’s exactly what they did.“

This ultimately means that this short 10 minute film will bring one of the highest paydays based on residuals to a cast ever, outdoing celebrities like Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber, and Katy Perry on residual sales.

How many short film producers, or even big Hollywood execs, can ever say they have sold a short film or even a blockbuster hit on a DVD for $3,000?

And when asked about what he in store for the future, Kelcey contends: “2017 will see my first feature film ever released. But it will not be GIRLFIGHT… you can say it was a huge impact and inspiration for GIRLFIGHT.” More information about this feature film can be found in the press release about it from November 21 posted to GIRLFIGHT’s Facebook page.

The Hardcore Edition Extended Cut DVD
The Hardcore Edition Extended Cut DVD
The original DVD
The original DVD


Sinister fatal femme Rachel inVites four unlikely model hopefuls into an underground death fight inside a barbaric steel cage surrounded by razor-sharp barb-wire. An all-female nightmare horror concept short film inspired by true events!

The film was made in Ohio and features an all relatively unknown female cast. Headlining the film is Columbus model Lindsey McComb, Cincinnati model Lexi Roth, Kentucky model Brandi Michelle, Youngstown model Amanda DiCapo, and actress Becca Chanay. Actress Kelli Culbertson provided the voice for Raven in the film’s titular sequence. Brianna Culp, a model from Pennsylvania, is exclusive to the Hardcore Edition Extended Cut.

The film perpetuates a strong feminist message. GIRLFIGHT empowers women by shattering through the glass ceiling, opening doors to an all-female ensemble featuring many models and actresses from various genres put into movie roles in this deadly martial arts mashup typically oriented to males. They are often very strong, independent, and capable characters to which younger women can relate.


Deep within the Forbidden Forest outside Buckeye City, Ohio, sinister fatal femme Rachel inVites four unlikely model hopefuls into an underground death fight inside a barbaric steel cage surrounded by razor-sharp barb-wire. The winner moves on to GirlFight: Model Kombat, granting the survivor a multimillion dollar contract with an international modeling agency.


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