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Official Creators account for UFC fighter Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger, the first RFA strawweight champion

My fight against at is just a few days away, which means that all the hard training at the MMA Lab is done.

It also means that it’s time to start cutting weight.

A lot of people think that strawweight is a tough cut for me because I’m 5’7,” which is very tall for a strawweight. But it’s not.

I’ve been working with my entire career, and I’ve never really had a problem making weight. And plus, I fought at 125 once, and I felt like come fight time I was just a little too small.

I’m just really comfortable at 115, and I only cut three to four pounds anyway.

The Dolce Diet, as it’s known, is a huge part of my nutrition program. I shop locally, I make my own food, and I go to farmer’s markets, which allows me to adhere to the whole program.

A lot of UFC fighters work with Mike. His diet is designed to maximize performance on fight night. And now with the morning weigh-ins, there will be even more great performances, and even better fight cards and fights.

Mike looks at us all as athletes, it doesn’t matter if we’re boys or girls, men or women. But there are definitely specific diets based on body type. And, if you look at before her fight at , she looked like she was in the best shape of her life.

That's the Dolce Diet.

Of course, once it’s fight time, it’s one-on-one in the cage ...

And while Ronda appeared to be in great shape, it was upsetting because we just thought it’d be a better fight. It was hard to watch.

As a fighter I support all UFC athletes. I don’t really focus on that stuff like women’s rights cause I’m an athlete at the end of the day. But Ronda set the wave for us, and now we get to do this full time; it’s because of Ronda that we’re here and people pay attention to women’s MMA for sure.

When I first started fighting, I didn’t think the UFC would ever really care because we were always told that we’ll never be there. But now that we’re here, now that we’re delivering some of the best fights inside the Octagon, it’s important that we deliver the same level of professionalism as every other athlete out there. And that begins with making weight.

So even though weigh-ins are just a few days away, I’m not worried. I’ll hit that scale and make the weight. And, I not only have my trainers and coaches at the MMA Lab to thank for their help, but also Mike Dolce, who’s kept me on weight from day one.

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