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first of mcu does has issue of destruction by avengers..civil war will play that part whole registration act is somewhat based upon it. reason dc is giving us villains movies because lets face it marvel has failed to give us good villain in all 12 movies so far. leaving out loki. they haventt reuse any villain in mcu. and as we know it dc villains are better than dc heroes. another thing, the reason they giving us batman and superman first because lets face it who really loves green arrow or shazam etc? thatss the reason they gave us dc tv shows to love these non lovable characters. and once again every focus is on batman/bruce because that whats dc is best in. connecting man of steel is silly, any movie watcher can clearly see when released it was standalone now they are connecting it. not a marvel or dc fan here. its just i hate these dc marvel the one who watches both dc or marvel.

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