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I have been a fan of everything Addams Family related since I was a child and the obsession hasn't ended yet! When I found out that a UK rendition of the renowned Addams Family Musical was being done in the UK I was absolutely ecstatic and couldn't wait to get my hands on some tickets. In this rendition of the most loveable unloveable family, we see a much older Wednesday (brilliantly portrayed by Carrie Hope Fletcher) fall madly in love with an all American 'normal' teen, Lucas Beineke and it's made her start to experience a little bit of 'normality' herself. The loved up couple have secretly become engaged and have organised for the Beinekes to join the Addams in their Central Park home for a nice evening of dinner and drinks. From Gomez helplessly trying to ensure the evening runs smoothly and the discovery of some well kept secrets, as you can imagine, with a family like the Addams, it was inevitable that things wouldn't go to plan!

The casting of this performance is truly an accomplishment in itself. With the main focus being on Wednesday, we see a lot from Carrie Hope Fletcher, which isn't a bad thing at all. Her vocals are utterly outstanding and she performs each song so powerfully; my personal favourite being her performance of 'Pulled' which remained stuck in my head for days after the show! Samantha Womack plays Morticia Addams in such a nice way with well-kept mannerisms that we all know and recognise from her sultry voice, graceful movements and dry sense of humour. Although, in this rendition she is portrayed as being quite the manipulative housewife that at times seems slightly out of character. However, in my opinion Gomez played by Cameron Blakely completely steals the show! From his hilarious one liners, songs and various dances, his energy becomes the heart and soul of the entire performance and he remains entirely joyous and engaging throughout.

The play's music by the brilliant Andrew Lippa is incredibly catchy and is delivered beautifully alongside the choreography from Alistair David. Each scene is very fun to watch and is packed full of ghoulish and gruesome movements that create such a spooky yet enjoyable atmosphere! The set designs are so intricate from moving picture frames, gothic wallpaper and even some puppetry which really helps bring the story to life even further. I had such high expectations for this show and I was definitely not disappointed at all with what I received.

Performances of this fantastically put together show end on the 4th November 2017! So, if you feel that you want to experience more of this absolutely cooky family for yourself, visit to nab yourself some tickets!

And you'll also be pleased to know that even 'Thing' makes a small cameo!

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