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Jeff Goldblum is a certified master of everything. But you don't need me to tell you that. You need this amazing, hilarious new advert from AGE, who've roped Goldblum in to spice up their lightbulb marketing.

And obviously, it works.

The concept of the ad sees Goldblum playing a "famous person" named Terry Quattro, accompanied by Liberace-esque hair and side ladies. As he takes us on a tour of his mansion (including a home dojo and hot tub room), he extols the virtues of AGE's new line of energy saving bulbs.

(If you're actually interested in those, they cost $15 and last 22 years, and can now be controlled through your smart phone which is legit impressive).

The real star is Goldblum, though, who manages to make me genuinely want to go and purchase many lightbulbs so that I too can live the life of Terry Quattro.

The ad was directed by Tim & Eric of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, so unsurprisingly, it's pretty hilarious.

Watch the full ad below:

(Source: Geek Tyrant)


Is Jeff Goldblum your favorite person ever?

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