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A born and raised 90's nostalgic movie geek. I'm a big fan of horror and kid movies. IG: moviegeekrob Horror podcast: @fearbias

A friend and I decided that we talk about horror movies and the horror genre so much that we wanted to record our thoughts and share them with the world. So far its been a fun 3 mos. of talking about the subject of horror, the supernatural, fantasy, with a little sci-fi in the form of books, movies, TV, and even video games. This month we decided to devote the entire month to one of the best names in the horror genre: Wes Craven.

That’s right. Bitch I Ain’t Scared: A Horror is honoring for the month of August talking about his work in film and media created from the inspiration and characters created from the genius of horror. Kicking off our Wes Craven month we decided to pick one movie to join our own list of best horror movies of all time and a movie that was probably his worst film.

A lot more fun is to be had during this month and its all Craven all the time. We miss him and wish he were still around. He is one of my favorite directors and if you enjoyed his work like I do, take a listen and join in on the conversation. Below is the first of 5 episodes devoted to the man himself.

Comment what you think of the episode. Any suggestions, topics, you want to see on the show, comment below and hope you join in and give us a listen. You can find us also on soundcloud and iTunes. Follow us on Facebook, twitter, and also instagram. Join the horror group created for you to post your love of horror on Facebook.

Enjoy horror fans.

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