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If there are any other great screenplays he wrote, I'd love to know. Otherwise, having one great screenplay doesn't prove much to me. Shyamalan wrote great screenplays once upon a time too, but let's not go there. I'm just saying that I need more than Terrio to convince me that the dialogue won't drag on forever. I'd hate if the film focused only on action too, however, what I took from the trailer is that the dialogue looks fairly tedious. I found TDKR & MoS extremely tedious, which is why I have my reservations about BvS too (looks quite similar). I don't want a slow moving movie and I don't want a movie that's only action either. All this article says is that from what I can see in the trailer, the dialogue looks super slow and boring, whilst the action looks amazing. I could always be wrong, and I hope I am. It's just my opinion from what I've seen after multiple watches of the trailer.

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