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I've decided to get back to writing about film news! These will be quick pieces and analysis on some of the news items for the day. This is a great way for me to put out some thoughts while at the same time give some news as well.

Spider-Man Confirmed for Avengers: Infinity War...?

Tom Holland apparently gave an interview to the French side of Vogue. So, if any of you speak perfect French you'll be able to read it. I took only 3 years of French in high school which is longer-than-I-would-care-to-admit ago and it's all gone. But essentially, is going to be in . Now, while hasn't made any official announcement, if Holland HAD gone and slipped up (spilling information that he wasn't supposed to), I think we'd be reading about him going missing right now. I'm sure there's a real Nick Fury in Marvel who makes sure everyone stays on track. Now, with Holland's in what does that mean? I don't think it'll be a big role; looks to be more grounded like the Netflix part of the universe and less like Iron Man. I think what will happen is that we'll see him in a cameo; possibly at the beginning of the film or doing cleanup. But who knows? Maybe Thanos brings an army of faceless goons to Earth and Spider-Man is part of the Avengers to stop him.

Will Smith in Dumbo...?

(I promise I'll stop with those question titles)

I guess wants Will Smith in Tim Burton's ? (Right after this one) OK, Smith is great and I could probably see him as the mouse character? But NO! He might actually be the elephant himself! Now that's weird; from what I remember, Dumbo didn't speak. Is Tim Burton going to do this film like the films? Because I don't think the culture of our world can stand another one of those. At least he isn't one of the crows, some of the most racist characters in Disney history.

Woody Harrelson is now in the Han Solo film!

I haven't seen yet but I heard Harrelson is brilliant in it. The guy has acting chops, and this is just another hit for this film. What's interesting is that Harrelson might be playing Solo's mentor in the film. A couple of things: I didn't know that Solo had a mentor much less needed a mentor. The second thing is that Harrelson brings a type of charisma that matches with the lore of Solo. He can be a swashbuckling, funny, crude human being with a heart of gold. Or he can be cold, calculating and downright terrifying. But what I really like about this is that he is such a versatile actor who has chops to spare.

Wonder Woman has a villain!

(In case you haven't guessed, I'm either confused by movie news or super excited)

! The film that's supposed to bring back into the throws of good comic book films! Well, that's what it's supposed to be anyway. Now, we know that it isn't the Germans of WWI that is the enemy of Wonder Woman, it is Ares, the God of War. Every time I hear God of War I think Mars, and every time I think of Mars I think of this.

Now, what's cool about this story is that it shows that the sh*t that went down in WWI was Ares. I like how this film will be bringing in the Greek mythology into the DC world. This is really cool. While this was a suspicion by a lot of people, it's nice to have it confirmed.

That's the quick news bit for 1/11! Which piece of news were you excited about? Which one did you hear that I should have included? Leave a comment below!

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