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Both known and forgotten horror films of the 20th Century

Loving on the true story of love, hope and courage that changed the face of marriage in the United States. Richard Loving (Joel Edgerton) and Mildred Jeter (Ruth Negga) are a couple living in Caroline County, Virginia in the year 1958. Upon finding out that they are expecting a baby, they decide to get married, but the problem is it's still illegal for them to be married in the state of Virginia. Deciding to go to Washington, the Loving's get married and return to Virginia to live as husband and wife. Despite being legally married, the state of Virginia refuses to acknowledge the couple as husband and wife, and arrest them both. As part of the plea bargain, both Richard and Mildred are forbidden from entering the state of Virginia together for the next 25 years. Facing a life in different state, away from their family, the Loving's begin a 10 year struggle against the various prejudices, and different laws set in place at the time. One thing that the Loving's have on their side is the most important thing of all; the love and support from each other. One of the most beautiful love stories of the year, that captured the struggles that many interracial couples faced at one point, and to some extent, still face today. Edgerton and Negga perform their roles with the sort of effortlessness and grace that one would expect with this particular story. Edgerton plays Richard as the strong but silent husband, who views his marriage as any other marriage. Edgerton doesn't play his character as an angry one, but rather one of struggle and concern. In the end, Richard comes across as a man who doesn't want fame or fortune, but just the right to live his life with his wife peacefully. Negga plays Mildred as a strong woman, who when faced with adversity stands firm in her morals and convictions. Negga portrays her character with beauty, grace, and hope that is mesmerizing to watch. The only compliant that I have about the film is how slow paced the film was, much of the film could've been faster paced certain points. Amazing film that comes in for the Oscar season, which I hope will be a major contender.

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