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Both known and forgotten horror films of the 20th Century

From what I have read from other reviews, many people have compared this movie to Intersellar (2014), and I honestly don't understand why. Intersellar (2014), while not a favorite of mine by any stretch, dealt with far complicated situations, as well as a hope that one day they would see Earth again. The situation with this movie is far more simple, and the two main characters have long accepted that they would never see earth again; however, not seeing another planet again, is a completely different story. This story begins with a young man, by the name of Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), waking up on the Avalon. Avalon is a ship that is on a 120 year course to a new planet, called Homestead II. Jim at first is excited that he woke up, but quickly realizes that he is the only one who is awake, and that he woke up 90 years too early. The only company that Jim has is an android, named Arthur (Michael Sheen), who works as a bartender. Jim goes through the motions of angry, fear, excitement, and than depression. Jim eventually begins to contemplate suicide, when one day he notices another pod with a beautiful young woman, named Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence). Jim begins to research Aurora, even reading some of the books she has written, and begins to debate on whether to wake her up as well. After a long internal struggle, Jim's loneliness wins out, and he wakes up Aurora. Jim and Aurora than begin a story of love, betrayal, and survival. Unlike so many other reviewers, I actually really liked the film, and felt that too many critics were looking for ways to hate the film, rather than just sit back and wait til the end to process the rest of the film. Many people looked at the darker nature of the film, where Jim wakes up Aurora, and than completely vilified Jim. I agree that, while I would have preferred a different course for how Aurora woke up, I disagree that the character Jim is a villain. Human nature is much more complex, and the need for companionship can be overwhelming even when a person is on a plant surrounded by millions of people. Jim is not an evil character, but rather a human one, who made a tragic mistake, but in the end found a way to redeem himself. The chemistry between Pratt and Lawrence is undeniably wonderful and effortless, and I hope that we see them cast together again in the future. Sheen is a screen thief every single time, his calm, funny, and witty demeanor all while remaining dead-pan is amazing, and fun to watch. The special effect almost rivals those of Rogue One (2016), and I would be very surprised if it wasn't recognized at the Oscars this coming year. As said previously, I wasn't a fan of how the character Aurora woke up, and I truly understand how the audience would strongly dislike the character Jim, but it wasn't enough for me to dislike the film. Instead, I found myself trying and empathize with the character's actions, even though it goes against our own moralities. Great film, check it out while you still can.

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