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This weekend, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opened in theaters, and with the return of Disney's first or second biggest mega-franchise (it's pretty debatable at this point whether it's Marvel or Star Wars), many, many people saw it (it had the third biggest opening of the year. This was expected, as it was one of the most anticipated movies of the year. But, the quality of the movie matters, too, not just the franchise it comes from. Today, I'm going to give my review on Rogue One. First, I'm going to give my non-spoilers review and then jump in to the spoilers.

(Oh, and in case you didn't get the irony of the title, a movie is often referred to as The Empire Strikes Back of the series if it's better crafted and darker than the others. But, since The Empire Strikes Back is already a Star Wars movie, it's contradictory. Funny, right?... No? Okay.)

Non-Spoiler: Darker, Funnier, and Better

For me, this was my favorite Star Wars movie ever. Who knew a Star Wars prequel could be so good? (They certainly haven't been before.) The movie is a much more realistic depiction of how war works, while also being witty and fun. Much like Disney's other major franchise's Captain America: Civil War, the movie balances sophistication and seriousness with humor and awesome fights.

The movie is extremely well crafted. The callbacks to previous movies are great, but they also don't bog down the main story and aren't a distraction. Also, the end fight is exhilarating and my favorite part of the movie.

My only complaint that I can say without spoiling anything is that at first, the movie takes a little time to pick up speed, but once it does, it's a blast.

Okay, that's all of my non-spoilers review. Now, let's get into the spoilers.



Spoilers: Not Satisfying?

The main complaint I had with this movie is how they killed absolutely everyone off at the end. Sure, it's realistic, and it's the only reason they wouldn't have shown up in the later movies. But, I feel like if they did escape, they would have left the rebellion after seeing all that they saw. At least Jyn and Cassian could have escaped. But, I can definitely say that it was a surprise, and something I would never expect a company owned by Disney to do. I just felt that after all the characters had to go through, it wasn't very satisfying to end it that way.

Every other part of the movie was amazing. Donnie Yen's character Chirrut Imwe and the Imperialist droid turned good K-2SO were the standouts in my opinion. The end battle was intense and very fun. In the end, it's a fun, well made movie that you should definitely check out.

Rating: 8/10

Thanks for reading! See Rogue One if you haven't already.

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