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In June 2017, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were fired from the next upcoming anthology film about Han Solo. In June 2017, it was announced that Ron Howard will be coming to direct the next film in the Anthology film. Since Ron Howard got onto the set, he took pictures each day, they can be found on his Twitter Media Here. Starting July 2017, he started taking pictures of the Han Solo Anthology film, we then got to see a few familiar characters from the Anthology Film.

Picture from Movie Paradise
Picture from Movie Paradise

Anyways, October 17th, we got a reveal to the second anthology film. Ron Howard, director of the Anthology film, got to record a video for Twitter and Star Wars's Facebook page. And then we get an official title before the video ends... Take a look at the video:

That's right! Ron Howard was HOLDING a sign revealing the title called, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Ron also thanks you for supporting the anthology film by looking at his pictures!!

Solo: A Star Wars Story is Directed by Ron Howard, the movie stars Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Thandie Newton, Phobe Waller-Bridge, and Joonas Suotamo. Music to be composed by John Powell. John Kasdan and Toby Hefferman portray Tag Greenley and Bink Otauna. Ian Kenny, Warwick Davis, and Clint Howard are appearing in undisclosed roles, and Paul Bettany. The film is set for May 25th, 2018!

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