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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 7 of Showtime's Shameless.

It's been several years since the Gallagher family burst onto our screens on the Showtime dramedy Shameless and if we're being honest we couldn't imagine not having them in our lives. Having aired two seasons in the one year, the current season went back to basics and found the Gallaghers struggling more than ever as Fiona ventured out on her own, Debbie struggled with motherhood, Ian explored sexuality, Lip struggled with sobriety and Frank attempted to become a better parent — yeah, that actually happened.

Regardless of their shamelessly inappropriate antics, we love them all and that's why we were devastated when we heard that the fate of our favourite family was up in the air. After the recent announcement that series star Emmy Rossum was demanding equal pay with her acclaimed co-star William H. Macy, the rumor mill went wild with many believing that the successful series would either be cancelled or have to continue with without the star of the show. Neither options were pleasant to be honest.

However, we're not getting rid of the Gallagher family anytime soon and it looks like there will be plenty of time for the family to continue struggling next year after Rossum herself took to Twitter earlier this evening to ease her fans suffering with following tweet.

This news suggests that Rossum and Showtime must have come to some sort of agreement about her salary. To be fair, Rossum carries Shameless and as much as we love Macy and his character Frank, there would be no show without Fiona Gallagher — she's not only the main character, she's the heart of the show and the glue that holds her family together. We're ecstatic that Showtime is going ahead with the eighth season of the insanely popular dramedy, in fact we're so excited that we're already thinking about what's in store for the Gallaghers next year.

Will Fiona Continue Making Investments And Building Her Career?

[Via Showtime]
[Via Showtime]

Throughout Season 7, Fiona surrendered her parental rights to her siblings in an attempt to spend some time on herself by figuring out what she wanted to do with her life. After almost getting married to Sean in the sixth season finale, Season 7 has saw Fiona take ownership of her life as she became manager of Patsy's Pies as well as investing in the nearby laundromat which led to her turning over a huge profit.

It's pretty awesome that after spending most of her adult life looking after her siblings, Fiona is finally taking some time for her. She may have been a little to frosty towards her brothers and sister, but it's only fair that Fiona gets the opportunity to chase her own dreams.

Fiona did some DIY to her life this season. [Via Showtime]
Fiona did some DIY to her life this season. [Via Showtime]

The character has had her fair share of relationships but it was made pretty clear that the seventh season would find Fiona focusing on herself. Apart from a few Tinder hook-ups, she's stayed away from relationships all season and it seems to have bmeefited her in a great way. With an eighth season on the way, could we see Fiona finally find the man of her dreams? It's unlikely, because she'll probably continue investing in properities in the hopes of making more profits. The eldest Gallagher is still the star of the show and we're really thankful that Emmy Rossum will be sticking around.

What's Next For Frank?

Frank has evolved this season. [Via Showtime]
Frank has evolved this season. [Via Showtime]

Frank Gallagher is one of those characters that fall into the same pattern over and over again. From the alcoholic neglectful father to the liver cancer survivor to neglectful father again — Frank has literally done all their is to do. This season saw Frank try to replace his family but after that fell through, he began to bond with his own children — specifically Liam and he even managed to get Liam a place in a private school. Maybe it's never too late for redemption.

However, Monica's death in the latest episode will likely have left Frank devastated and I can't help but wonder what will happen to him now — could he fall back into his same old repetitive patterns? I hope not. It was Monica's dying wish to reconcile with her family and she managed to do it, so I hope that Frank will start to look after his children as per her request. Frank Gallagher is predictable in a way that is also completely unpredictable.

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Will Svetlana Still Be Around?

Yas Queen! Svetlana has been the star performer of Season 7. [Via Showtime]
Yas Queen! Svetlana has been the star performer of Season 7. [Via Showtime]

Svetlana has been featured on Shameless for several seasons now, but the seventh season is the first time that actress Isidora Goreshter has been credited as a regular and to be quite honest, the show has better off for it. Frank may be the considered the hilarious character of the dramedy, but for me Goreshter's character is in a completely different league. Svetlana has been responsible for almost all of the funny moments this season and I really hope she'll be sticking around in a regular capacity for Season 8.

This season has been eye opening for Kevin and Veronica though, because Svetlana somehow — with that genius brain of hers — managed to swindle Kevin out of his Alibi bar. The former thrupple have separated and to be quite honest, we still don't know if Svetlana has a secret agenda or if she was really was doing it to benefit her family. Either way, let's hope Season 8 continues to be full of more Svetlana.

Will We See Mickey Return Again?

The seventh season has been great and without a doubt the best episode of the season was "Ride or Die" which saw the return of fan favourite character Mickey Milkovich after he escaped from prison. Fans were loving Mickey's return and getting back together was certainly the highlight of Season 7. However, the following episode saw Mickey go on the run as Ian said farewell to his one true love. It felt like the conclusion that the relationship never had during the less than stellar sixth season, but was it really the last time that we'll see Mickey Milkovich?

Probably not. It's not only possible it's very likely as actor Noel Fisher — who plays Mickey — is very passionate about his character and the Gallavich relationship in general. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fisher had this to say:

I absolutely love playing this character and getting to work with the all the talented people on this show, so I would jump at the opportunity. It’s left open, and I don’t think anything would prevent them from living happily ever after if that's what would be best for the characters. That’s the bigger question and what would have to be decided. These characters have known each other and grown up and changed so much because of one another.

If Fisher is willing to return, then there is no doubt in my mind that Gallavich will be reunited once more. In fact, let's just make him a series regular again — that would make us all happy.

Gallavich is one of the biggest TV relationships ever. [Via Showtime]
Gallavich is one of the biggest TV relationships ever. [Via Showtime]

Moreover, Showtime is fully aware that the Gallavich fanbase make up a large portion of Shameless' viewing figures and the pairing is hailed as one of the greatest romances of all time as it is relatable to not only the community, but those who are living in difficult and oppressive situations.

The two episodes featuring the beloved character brought in the biggest viewership of the season. The network and writers would be foolish to waste such a great opportunity to re-unite the star crossed lovers once more. Let's face it — they're just meant to be together and who wouldn't want to see Mickey come back for Ian in Season 8?

Check out a preview for the upcoming season finale of Shameless:

We couldn't be happier than Rossum and Showtime have managed to come to some sort of a deal because the Gallaghers are without a doubt the greatest family on TV and life without them just isn't worth living. While Showtime has yet to confirm the renewal of their hit dramedy, the confirmation from Rossum is enough to ease our suffering. In today's world, it's very rare that television series' make it past their third season yet somehow Shameless has managed to keep going, which is a testament to the series itself.

The return of so many classic Shameless characters brought back memories of when the characters were all younger and it made me realize that as Shameless is a show about family; it really doesn't have an expiration date — we all grow up and face new struggles, that's part of life and who doesn't want to be able to see themselves in the characters on-screen? With an eighth season on the way, it looks like we haven't seen the last of those f**kin' Gallaghers and there isn't anything stopping Shameless from running for several more years — we should be so lucky.

Shameless concludes its seventh season this Sunday on Showtime. Check out everything you missed from Season 7 here. What would you like to see in Season 8? Tell us in the comment section below.

[Source: Twitter, Hollywood Reporter]

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