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I'll admit it right off the bat: I love to get and keep a tidy . It's the best thing to come home to an empty kitchen sink, vacuumed carpets, dusted dressers- you get the picture. But I'll also admit I'm really and sometimes cleaning falls by the wayside. Having always been a neat freak, I have some tips and tricks that will make your life so much easier when it comes to cleaning. Ready to feel like this every time you need to knock out those dirty dishes or start a load of laundry?


This is probably the easiest way to make less of a : invest in some cleaning products. Might I suggest products? I love Method's all-purpose cleaner which comes in a variety of delectable scents such as sea salt , pink , , and honeycrisp (not kidding, those are seriously the fragrances). Not only do these cleansers work better than any other product on grease, grime, soap scum, and stains, they are -friendly and don't use harsh chemicals or make your house smell like you've been bathing in bleach. Major alert: these are super timesavers when you clean because you can use them on everything from your kitchen counters to your shower to your dresser to your bathroom mirror and you'll be pleased with the results every time. Another bonus: they're way more friendly and space-saving than stocking up on a ton of specialized cleaners that you have to tote around with you and store when you're not using them.


Another space, , and saver: detergent pods. These little babies take the guesswork out of measuring messy powders or pouring gooey detergent into your washer or dishwasher, they're simple to store and easy to access, and because you use exactly what you need each time you run a load of dishes through or wash your delicates, you'll save money and become more in your cleaning methods. I love Tide pods for my and Cascade pods for my - I started using them as soon as they came out and I haven't looked back!


One of the best ways I stay on track for my cleaning is to follow folks who know what the heck they're talking about, such as Melissa Maker of . Not only are her super speedy and helpful if you're interested in doing the job right and shaving time off your cleaning schedule, but they're a to watch! Head over to her channel for tons of , , , and to tackle your with ease!

I'd love to know how you keep your home clean - what are your tips and tricks for maintaining a ?

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