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So despite the fact that they have only been filming for about two weeks, The Flash cast released a trailer with some footage from Season 3.

Season 3 looks epic and there are still so many unanswered questions about how Flashpoint will change the show. So let's breakdown everything that we know and don't know based on what we've seen in the trailer.

1. Barry Has Reverse Flash in Captivity

This is very important. After knocking out the Reverse Flash and saving his mother, it was unclear what would happen to him. Barry has him in a cell similar to the one that Zoom kept him Barry in at one point during season 2, meaning that it is speedster proof.

Barry is constantly checking in on Thawne and he is heard talking to Barry, saying "now whose the villain flash," in super evil way. It would seem that this setting would be unsustainable; at some point, Thawne might get loose.

2. The World Is Completely Different

Barry is finally reunited with both of his parents, which is awesome. Cisco Ramon is the richest man in America and he kinda seems like a sleaze. Iris does not appeared to be married (unlike her comic book counterpart) and Barry is trying to build up a relationship with her in this new reality. She seems open and accepting towards him, unlike her father whom Barry appears to be unable to reconnect with. That raises the question of where Barry works in this reality, seeing as though Joe West doesn't know him, it appears that Barry still is a CSI, but he just doesn't know Joe anymore. Wally West is now the Flash of the world and appears to go up against a mysterious speedster in a black costume that is widely expected to be Black Racer. Additionally, a new member of the rogues, Dr. Alchemy, appears to be causing trouble now.

3. We Know Nothing About Wells, Jessie, or Eddie

The trailer has no footage of Harrison Wells and Jessie Quick. Considering the fact that they are probably still shooting episode 2 of season 3, it is likely that these two characters will not appear in the first episode of the season.

It seems likely that the show will remain in flashpoint for a couple of episodes, maybe even until the end of season 3. Hopefully flashpoint lasts longer than one episode, because if it does, we can meet the original Harrison Wells on Earth-1 and hopefully his daughter as well.

Additionally, we know nothing about Eddie Thawne. I am assuming that he is still around somewhere in this reality because the events of Season 1 never happened here.

4. Wally Gets Injured

At one point during the trailer, we get a quick glimpse of Wally West on a hospital bed. This appears to occur after a fight between him and the Black Racer (I am just going to assume that that costume is him). This will probably be the event that brings team Flash together.

5. We Have No Idea How Long Flashpoint Will Last

So they definitely took Flashpoint in a different direction that the one I dreamed of. I thought it would have been cool if they did an apocalyptic event similar to the one in the comics. The difference would have been that the world would be subject to a battle between Damien Darhk and Ras al Ghul.

But this still looks pretty epic nonetheless. I am hoping that they have the flashpoint last at least to the midseason of season 3. If it were to just be one or two episodes with nothing that big, than it would feel like a dud to me. At some point, they are probably going to have to return to a reality very similar to that of Season 1 and Season 2. That way they can do crossovers and continue to grow the story.

Ultimately, this new trailer release probably raised more questions than it answered, but it definitely gets me pumped for Season 3.

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