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A cynic who's eaten one too many Redvines

As has been the case for many years, DC comics has been a major power player in the pop culture world for quite some time. Over the course of a century, DC has managed to make readers laugh, cry, shiver and jump for joy in response to the beautifully crafted stories featuring some of the most iconic characters from their expansive roster such as Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman,Green Arrow, and the Flash. Now, in addition to boasting a treasured collection of costumed crime-fighters, DC also has a reputation for having some the most memorable villains and antagonists such as The joker, Darkseid, Sinestro, Cheetah, Black Manta, Reverse Flash, and so many more. Some of these signature baddies have even went on to be the focus of their own solo comic book series. However, one such comic book villain, Ra's-al-guhl, has also managed to capture the interest of comic book readers and casuals alike. So why hasn't the character managed to get his own tv series?

Before we get into why this particular character should be the focus of his own weekly tv series, here's a little backstory on him: The character of Ra's first made his comic book debut in Batman #232 in 1971. Ra's is essentially a brilliant criminal mastermind hell-bent on creating a world in perfect environmental balance. He believes that in order to achieve this goal a large segment of the human population must be purged and that the earth must be repopulated by those who he sees fit. Okay, so the guy definitely has the ambition, the know-how, and the resources to accomplish his goals. Question is, how did he come to view the world as a flawed, broken place in need of extreme and immediate change? And how did he come to join and become the leader of a shadow organization with legions of loyal followers and trained assassins? Could it be time for a televised origin story of some kind? No reason it can't be. And yes, there are people out there who probably dread the idea of seeing a young Ra's acting like an angsty teenager or butting heads with his parents, but it's hard to shake the desire to see what a young Ra's was like before he was groomed and trained to become the Demon's head.

Delving deeper into the origins of Ra's would provide unique insight into the thought process of the character. His views on crime, law and order, good and evil, identity, purpose, and the meaning of life could be the key themes and ideas of each season as a young Ra's struggles to live and find meaning in what he does and how the world around him operates and changes. In the comics, it's been noted that he was born over 600 years ago somewhere in Arabia and was part of a tribe of nomadic wanderers who roamed the desert. Later on in his life, Ra's developed a burning fascination with the sciences and left his tribe to pursue a career as a physician and later married a woman named Sora. Over the course of time, Ra's saw his professional and personal life fall apart and deteriorate as he was framed for a crime he didn't commit and was sentenced to death. The Lazarus pit saved his life, however, and he began traveling the world amassing knowledge and skills that would make him the man he is today. Yes, a weekly tv series focused on Ra's could provide fans and casual audiences with an emotional odyssey chronicling the life of one of batman's deadliest adversaries. Maybe Fox could develop one after Gotham has its series finale. Other networks for the show could be TNT, HBO,AMC, and etc. So what do you think? Are you interested in an origins show centered on Ra's Al Guhl? Are you nervous about it happening and tarnishing the character's reputation? Should this article not exist? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below. Would love to hear them!

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