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A cynic who's eaten one too many Redvines

Project X-Calibur is another sci-fi fantasy novel that is able to captivate readers with its innovative story-telling and blend of elements from other famous works of literature.Despite that, the book can stand on its own as a great sci-fi fantasy novel that would make for an exciting film-adaptation.

Here the synopsis for the novel if you need more proof:

Ben has been an underdog his whole life. But when he meets Merlin—the Merlin—the wizard delivers devastating news: a vicious band of aliens are approaching, and Ben could be the champion Earth desperately needs.

Soon Ben joins the Round Table Reboot, where legendary heroes are training a new generation to battle the deadly threat. They have a secret weapon: X-Calibur. But this time X-Calibur is not a sword -- it's a spaceship -- and only the right kid can awaken its powers. All Ben has ever wanted is to be a hero…but is it in the stars for him?

This book does a good job combining elements and transforming itself into a hybrid concept that is inventive and action-packed. It has elements from Ender's Game,King Arthur, and a number of other sci-fi and fantasy literary works that it channels in exciting and creative ways. The most interesting component of the novel being the fact that X-Calibur is a fabled ship/super-weapon and not just a sword or conventional man-made weapon. X-Calibur also manages to take the classic alien invasion story-line and combine it with elements from Arthurian legend and include characters like Merlin-- the wizard-- who serves as a mentor/guide to the main protagonist. Plus the character of Ben in the books is described as being a bit of an underdog who is both intelligent and awkward. He manages to excel in school and stay out trouble for the most part, but he yearns for something greater and wishes to go on an adventure. He also lives a mostly quiet existence and greatly admires his firefighter father who died in the line of duty while saving lives. And as fate would have it, Ben gets his chance to make a difference when he's recruited to join a team of legendary heroes and begins his training in London as part of the next generation of warriors that will do battle with a deadly alien threat.

The X-calibur novel also boasts some great and unique antagonists who manage to be menacing, deadly, and effective as a threat to the Round Table Reboot and the world itself. Though, that probably won't put a stop the Ender's game comparisons if the book does make the jump to the silver screen. Author Greg Pace manages to create an interesting mythology surrounding the Round Table Reboot by weaving in Arthurian legend and the philosophies and ideas of that time period and creating a team of heroes that have a medieval theme to their tools, weapons, and history as an organization that serves as the last line of defense against hostile extraterrestrials and various otherworldy threats. Now, If X-Calibur were to receive a live action feature film, it could potentially be a standout YA novel adaptation and succeed where Ender's game failed since the adaptation of the Orson Scott Card novel was intended to be the first entry in a franchise until the studio decided upon its critical reception and average box office that it wasn't strong enough to sustain a blockbuster franchise with multiple entries. Even now, the YA film genre is trying to reinvent and re-establish itself in mainstream entertainment given how many adaptations have been green-lighted, sitting in development, or are currently filming and on track for a theatrical release. In a post-hunger games cinematic landscape, there is a chance for another YA adaptation to hit the silver screen and kick off a resurgence of the film genre. As of right now, there are currently no plans for a live action feature film adaptation of Project X-Calibur. No one has, at this moment in time, optioned the film rights to a studio and there is very little chatter about the novel itself, which means there is little chance of an X-Calibur feature film ever coming to fruition. Though, stranger things have happened and Hollywood is always on the look for properties and brands with franchise potential and interesting subject matter. Stay tuned for more updates.

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