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A cynic who's eaten one too many Redvines

As has been the case for some time, videogame movies have struggled to survive in the ever-expanding cinematic landscape. Since the early 2000's, multiple films based on a host of popular game titles have come out of the gate with many of them receiving mixed or negative reviews and failing to become the successful and lucrative franchise-starters that many studios were hoping for. At this moment in time, only one videogame has been able to spawn a commercially successful film franchise with a total of six entries, despite receiving middling and negative reviews from both critics and fans of the source material. Which game would that be? Resident Evil, of course. Now, despite how the hardcore and devoted fans of RE games may feel about the films and how they blatantly disregard the original source material and turn many of the games signature protagonists into major or minor supporting characters for Milla Jovovich's Post-apocalyptic anti-heroine to interact with, Resident Evil is still currently one of the most consistently profitable and successful videogame film franchises in the last decade or so and has become the backbone of Milla's image and has cemented her reputation as an actress known for playing butt-kicking heroines. However, with a new Tomb Raider movie based on the rebooted game series making its way to the silver screen next year, it's possible that Resident Evil could soon be dethroned and that the newest entry in this emerging film genre could be the one to break the videogame movie curse and prove that films based on videogames and popular game titles can achieve the critical and commercial success of their comic book counter-parts.

Here's the basic plot synopsis:

Lara Croft sets out on her first expedition to finish her father's archaeological research and uncover ancient secrets in order to clear his disgraced name. Tragedy hits when her adventure turns into a fight for survival.

So, the plot for this film seems serviceable and simple enough for the average moviegoer to follow, which could help it avoid the pitfalls of previous game adaptations such as 2016's Assassin's Creed. First, Lara's wealthy father goes missing on his latest archaeological expedition and runs into trouble overseas that will no doubt be the handy work of an undisclosed antagonist set to be portrayed by Walter Goggins (Justified) in the film who will terrorize the title heroine as she is aided by her various allies, new and old, expected and unexpected. Croft will also be getting some help from a ship captain named Lu Ren(Played by Daniel Wu) who she meets along the way and befriends. Second, since this film is an origin story focusing on the early adventures and exploits of Lara Croft, she will have her work cut out for her when her standard search-and-rescue mission for her father becomes a harrowing, brutal fight for survival in unfamiliar territory while facing off against formidable, ruthless and unsavory adversaries who will test her resourcefulness, courage, bravery, and survival instincts. While still focusing on the iconic character who has become a brand unto herself, the newest Tomb Raider feature film sees Oscar winner Alicia Vikander stepping into the quick-witted archaeologist's boots that were once filled by Angelina Jolie in 2001's Lara Croft: Tomb Raider which was a smash hit at the time of its release. Vikander, who is currently shooting the newest Tomb Raider film and has appeared in a series of first-look character photos and action shots that are now online, came to the attention of the mainstream Hollywood and the movie going public through her feature film debut "Pure" and went on to play supporting roles in major studio films such as The rebooted Man from U.N.C.L.E. and 2016's Bourne 5. Tomb Raider marks the first time that Vikander plays the main protagonist in a major studio tentpole and could potentially do for her what Suicide Squad did for Margot Robbie and cement her as a box office draw and household name in the film industry. All things considered, if Vikander can give a quality performance and the film delivers just enough action and heart to keep audiences engaged and on the edge their seats, it could be very rewarding for all parties involved and bring the videogame film genre out of the dark ages. Stay tuned for more updates on the Tomb Raider reboot as more info becomes available.

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