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'Tis the season of giving, and also crunch time on finding the right present for your closest friends, family members, or boss if you're looking for a raise. In any case, most of us nerdy types are on a pretty tight budget, so we truly appreciate the effort of a handmade gift (especially one that appears professionally made).

If you are struggling to find a last minute present that fits your price range and is super personal, look no further for the perfect "do it yourself" gift to give. Some of these suggestions might require a little time, energy, skill, and expense, but they are sure to impress your near and dear. Better yet, they can be a lot of fun to make! (Sometimes frustrating... but, you know, that builds character.)

Dolls and Figurines

  • String Dolls -

Popular with the younger crowd, and a great new hobby to pass the time.

Video Instructions: Here, here, and here

  • Plush Toy -

This takes some sewing skills, but is sure to be cherished gift.

Video Instructions: Here, here, and here

  • Clay Figurine -

More for a collector since they're a bit fragile, but perfect for ornament converting.

Video Instructions: Here, here, and here

  • Origami Statuettes -

Very cheap but still very cool, and a great activity to do with a friend or loved one.

Video Instructions: Here, here, and here

Fashion and Apparel

  • Crochet Hat -

There is definitely skill and time required in this venture, but they look awesome!

Video Instructions: Here

  • Mod Podge Comic Panel Shoes -

Fairly easy to manage, and a great way to personalize.

Video Insturctions: Here

  • Iron-On Shirt -

Quality might not be the greatest, but it's the best way to personalize.

Video Instructions: Here

  • Fandom Jewelry -

Perfect for that extra special someone in your life.

Video Instructions: Here

  • Shrinky Dink -

Also great for making jewelry or pins.

Video Instructions: Here

Home Decor and Appliances

  • Superhero Glassware -

Might not save too much, but definitely one of the nicer DIY gifts.

Video Instructions: Here

  • Tetris Shelves -

Flex your handy skill with some video game love.

Video Instructions: Here

  • 8-Bit Bead Coaster -

Need somewhere to put your glass, how about on top of your favorite character?

Video Instructions: Here

Holiday Treats

  • Cake Pops-

Tasty invention that is pretty easy to personalize.

Video Instructions: Here, and here

  • Cookies -

Cookies are by far the easiest way to the heart.

Video Instructions: Here and here

Well there you have it! It'll take some creativity, but the power is in your hands to make the greatest gift ever and become a some sort of Superhero Santa Claus. Happy Holidays!!!

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