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Director is making sure that his second chapter in the Kingsman franchise, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, doesn’t suffer from a case of 'sequelitis,' as he puts it. Bred from audiences that can’t seem to settle on what they want, he’s learned from previous experience how much damage falling into the sequelitis trap can cause—namely with Kick-Ass 2, the follow-up to his first great collaboration with comic book writer .

[Credit: Universal]
[Credit: Universal]

Last week, members of the press were invited to a Q&A in London with Vaughn for the upcoming , and Movie Pilot was there. He spoke about the failure of his previously hyped sequel and what went wrong:

“When we did Kick-Ass 2, it was a big learning curve how not to do a sequel and it scared me, because we didn’t intend to make a terrible film, not that anyone does.”

Not met with nearly as much adoration as the ultraviolent, first Kick-Ass movie, Kick-Ass 2—which he handed off to director Jeff Wadlow—failed to capture the lightning in the bottle as the original did. Granted, its success was hindered by star Jim Carrey's negative comments about its violence and the fact it was heavily pirated before its release.

But Vaughn admitted that while it is a big job trying to follow on from the success of the debut chapter of Kingsman, he’s still adapting and trying to get things just right.

“It’s really hard making sequels. The audience want more of what they had, and when you give them that, they say it’s unoriginal, boring. If you go too far from what they wanted then they get pissed off as well, so it’s a balancing act. But I was lucky because the script sort of wrote itself, then I have to decide, do I give it to somebody else? 'Kick-Ass 2' taught me that lesson, and I genuinely thought I had to do this one and it’s been really tough, but fun. I’ve learned a lot doing this - it’s a bit weird watching this with an audience. It’s a challenge and I think when you’re making a movie and you’re not feeling that, you’re not making a good film.”

One winning trick that Vaughn has kept in his arsenal is the invaluable element of surprise, something that he’s made sure to apply to for whoever goes to see it:

“I think the audience should not be told everything. That’s what cinema's about - just going on a journey you don’t know. That’s been my secret in my other movies. No one expected anything; they didn’t know much. Having low expectations going into a movie is a really good weapon to have. If you like the last one, it’s harder to pull off.”

See if Vaughn pulls it off (as we hope he will) when Kingsman: The Golden Circle arrives September 22.

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