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I went outside once, but i didn't like the graphics

Hi guys

Some time ago I posted who I thought could pull off a role in the next star wars franchise.

As expected I got a few harsh comment, but the majority of my selection I still stand by. Here is this list with a note stating wither I have changed my opinion,

Ellen Paige, changed my mind

Benedict Cumberbatch

Clive Owen

Ray Parks

Vin Diesel, Changed my mind

Charlie Hannam

Joel Courtney

Gina Carano

Saoirse Ronan

Michael Shannon

Dylan Sprayberry

Aaron Tyler-Johnson

Chloe Grace-Moretz

James Franco

Michelle Phieffer(spelling)

2 unknowns here in the UK Jaqueline Jassa and David Witts

But now I think Joseph Gordan-Lewitt could be good

No doubt some will comment on my choices but this time, i'm hoping we can use this more as a forum for your ideas, so please comment, who do you think could be good in a st

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