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Hell Haven: The Series


After a ‘common’ burglar breaks in he was put in a safety room only to sit there and watch his father die right before his eyes and his mother disappear. At 17 he inherits all of his father’s assets and fortune, and became CEO of Aker Tech Enterprises and acquires SC-Tech. He trained his body to the peak of perfection, learning to endure pain. Eager to stop the Criminal Elite group known as: THE COUNCIL. Ian works to uncover the mystery of the incident that changed his life. After coming out of the shadows from hiding years later he is attacked by a group hired to finish what they started. Ian that night after killing most of the people after him became someone else. Ian creates a suit, and using failed scrapped experiments to become a symbol, a spirit in the shadows, The Night’s Demon, Night Prowler.




Edward Akers, for a year would be comprising details on 'The Council'. The Council is a criminal elite secret group running all organized crime in Arbor City and Hell Haven. These wealthy white collar criminals are heads to the organization controlling money, assassins, drugs and whatever else is going on in the two cities. Edward Akers is the only person daring to oppose the Council. After a year of Akers getting together detailed files intended to bring them to justice, The Council manages to find out his plans. Edwards police connection and close friend was murdered and Edward knew he was next and his family was in danger, His wife would never return home presumed dead. Taking his files and storing them. Edward would hide his 10 year old son in the secret panic area along with the files. Ian would see his father murdered before his eyes. From that day Ian's life was changed. He would have his father's trusted friend: Julia Matthews, come in and become the guardian and caretaker of Ian Akers. Julia as a distraction would begin training the small boy then Ian would become eager to train with Cain 'The Brawler' Murdoch, early on deducing that he is a vigilante and not just a UFC fighter. Eventually Cain learns Ian knew the truth prior to asking him to train him. After Ian would tell him he wants to be trained and learn how to "really" train. Murdoch despite his hesitation would agree and worked with Ian. Meanwhile the 10 year old boy would work to decrypt the files his father left behind. When The Council learned that Ian survived they waited and would make an attempt to murder him again by the age of 13. In this incident Ian would fake his death with Julia's help and Ian would disappear. As a parting gift he would thank Murdoch and give him better gear to fight in. Ian for years would train with the best and would return home at 17 publicly coming out of the shadows.

Pilot Description

Ian Akers, after his return from faking his death would feel he was ready and know what his purpose was. 24 hours after legally being resurrected, Ian would take his rightful place in the company Akers Tech Enterprises. Ian would then gain the access to failed experimentation that was scrapped. Ian however with his amazing mind would modify them for an alternate purpose, beginning something secretly. When the council would learn of their failure to murder Ian they would decide it was time to finish what they started with Ian Akers. Ian and Julia are attacked in the mansion by a small army of guys. Ian hearing them infiltrate the house would hide Julia in a panic room Ian built and would kill all the assailants in the house leaving one alive telling him that he is their nightmare. After the cops are in Ian's house following the attack Ian reconnects with his old friend Nina White, who is now a detective with her father [Thomas J White.] as a partner. Nina and Ian make plans to catch up. Ian tells them of a person/demon looking thing coming and saving him and Julia. Julia would say nothing until the officers left she would confront Ian on being dishonest. Ian would tell her that it is the truth something else stopped them. Ian would go out and take on a small group of the criminals and would get stabbed. After returning home Julia would find him and stitch him up. Julia has no hesitation in sharing her disapproval, Ian then reveals to her the files that lead to his father being murdered. Ian tells Julia "My father tried to fight using the law to save this city, where he failed as a man I won't as something else. Ian finishes working on the Night Prowler gear and goes out to take on the criminals in the city. Meanwhile one of the head Council members is met by an assassin after his encounter with Night Prowler, offering to take on the Night Prowler. After Night Prowler goes to confront another member of the Council Night Prowler comes up against an assassin. Night Prowler leaves the assassin tied up and disappears almost like a ghost when the cops come up against him.

Nadia AKA Night-Girl
Nadia AKA Night-Girl
Night Prowler's Main Villain: Nightmare
Night Prowler's Main Villain: Nightmare

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