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Pilot Overview

Michael Daversa; A high school student with special abilities is secretly a vigilante in the shadows. After dealing with a break up due to his former High School Love interest [Angelica Nicole.] due to learning the truth about him she leaves town. Michael is one night sitting on a bridge close by the woods reflecting when a meteor falls out of the sky and causes a car to go off the road. Michael hearing the accident super speeds in and saves a girl; Sarah DiBella moments before the car explosion shielding her from the blast. Michael then meets his best friends cousin learning she is the girl he saved last night. Michael makes plans to meet Alicia Hunters at the school before the Homecoming dance but before he can she is attacked and left saying a word over and over again; Para GX. With Alicia hospitalized Michael decides he isn’t attending the Homecoming dance but then he is attacked at home by a shadow creature the same one that came from the meteor site where Michael saved Sarah. When Michael gets attacked at the dance by invaders; he encounters Armagedon; the evil alien demi-god that made Michael into Para GX. After Armagedon jump starts the apocalypse Michael is the only one standing against his creator to save the entire planet. Dealing with the aftermath of Dark Friday Sarah confronts Michael for standing her up at the Homecoming Dance. Michael’s brother arrives in Staten Island and doesn’t seem to have good intentions. Dylan West [Michael’s friend and the son of Detective West.] is missing. Vincent Adonis a former friend turned nemesis returns to the city funding a mysterious Project: Soldier, Dylan West is the test subject.


Super Strength:

o Michael’s super strength evolves over time he becomes stronger

o Limitless on his potential in the future he becomes as strong as he needs to be

o Michael, as a growing adolescent, was extremely strong. Also, during this time, he would use this ability to stop rogue meta-humans and save people all around Staten Island and the city even prior to becoming the vigilante known as the Outsider. Struggling to rip a car door off its hinges to save Sarah moments before he car exploded. Michael had difficulty early on controlling his strength. At first breaking many things accidentally. Eventually it would become more prominent when he was angry. Michael taught himself control and restraint. Michael, as he grew older, became stronger. Para GX state boosts him to his full potential right away.

Super Speed

o At first speed is heightened then overtime he grows faster.

o Michael's speed at first was making him able to keep up with a car on the highway as he began to test himself he learned he could run faster. Michael's speed in the Para GX state is unparalleled, boosting him to his full potential right away. Michael's speed allows him to move quick enough to move in front of bullets.

o Michael has been known to move fast as sound at times when in the Para GX state. His speed allows his reflexes and his ability to use accelerated perception at times. This allows him to see things quicker than a normal person.


o Agility including his Parkour and free running that he uses more early in the Outsider early days.

o He can perform amazing Parkour feats such as flips and rolls and maneuvers over and around vehicles and debris with little trouble. His leg strength allows him to leap nearly ten stories into the air. Michael can run up sheer vertical surfaces and cling to walls for an indefinite period of time, by ejecting small amounts of mass for further propulsion.

Ability to Defy Gravity

o Leaves him able to leap extreme distances and heights.

o Michael is able to wall run without being able to stick to them

o Air dashing falls under this category.

o Michael in certain iterations can fly.

Air Dashing

o The ability to trigger super speed while in the air.

o This leads to Michael being able to leap and make a sudden movement that defies gravity while not being on the ground.

Self healing/Invulnerability

o Early on Michael just was able to heal quicker than a normal person

o Over time his healing factor evolved making him heal quicker.

o Eventually bullets that originally pierced through his skin would begin to leave minor cuts. This would change to bruising from bullets, eventually his skin would become harder to bruise of pierce.

o Healing factor grows to invulnerability.

o At first Michael would heal from bullets and cuts. As he matured it became tougher to cut him. While Bullets started to become less of an issue Michael would get bruised. He becomes immune to flames, cold temperatures, and all earthly diseases and sicknesses, and was able to collide with cars head on and come out completely unfazed. Eventually he becomes resistant from bullets.

o Due to Michael's healing factor it takes more to burn him out. His stamina is at a high level at first the super speed would be a sprint that wouldn't last as long.

Electricity Manipulation

o Michael has a difficulty learning to control this ability

o His electricity manipulation doesn’t mean he can absorb it or needs to. Michael generated and manipulates electricity from his own power.

Super Hearing

o Extremely useful to help him gather information

o Uses it also to help him overhear phone conversations.

o At times uses it to find trouble.

o Michael can hear indirect whispers, frequencies, pitches, and other volumes of sound from vast distances. As an adult, Michael can multitask and use super-hearing and can also super-speed and hear conversations while he's moving.

Fighting Skills


Personal Weaponry:

• Mask

o the mask is armed with x-ray, infrared and ultra-violet vision

o helps to see what enemies are armed with prior to attack

o Helps with tracking or seeing things not visible to the naked eye.

Para GX

Michael Daversa being experimented on by Armagedon he would gain the name Para GX. Michael being the most powerful Para Experiment and the key component in making the other Para experiments in the future. The attempt to make a Para Experiment without Michael’s blood while extremely rare and unlikely, is possible. As a result of the experiment Michael has knowledge of how to fight and in stealth. Being Para GX; Michael is powerful but doesn’t start that way.

When Michael was experimented on the Para GX state was part of Michael and the experiment didn’t work as intended. Michael would have the murderous, blood thirsty part of Para GX would still be there dormant within him. Michael would have the black outs happen and become more problematic and more reoccurring until Anna Marie gave him word that a dagger could stop it, or kill him. After using it Michael would be separated and they would manage to stop the Para GX state. Michael would learn he still could use it but the ability would be under his control more so. He would learn how to make it follow what he wanted. Michael has difficulty using it and controlling it his eyes turn red at times when it’s revealing itself. When Michael has the veins his eyes are red and black and he has the veins. When he is in control he has red eyes or red and black eyes minus the veins.

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