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Hey everyone! It has been quite a while since we have written any articles here. However, I figured it was time to get my tail in gear and gets some words on the page(website).

I recently got a chance to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in theaters and figure I will review it to dip my toe back into the chilly waters of Movie Pilot.

With that SPOILERS from here on out in case you have not seen the movie yet.

I am going to give a breakdown of what were, in my opinion, the pros and cons of the movie. For those of you still with me, I am not going to give a synopsis of the movie since I am sure you have already seen it. Lets start, shall we?

Rogue One Pros


So what did the movie have going for it? One of my biggest takeaways from the movie were how well done the effects were. This movie had a very difficult task of blending todays modern visual fx with the dated look of 1977. Since Rogue one was a prequel to A New Hope, it had to have the same visual representation of technology in the movie that A New Hope did. Especially considering these takes place mere days before A New Hope. Furthermore, because it is so close to the first Star Wars film, There were certain characters that needed to be in the film, Vader, Leia, and Tarkin.

Dead Man Tarkin
Dead Man Tarkin

I do not want to go too deep into debating Tarkin's look. I think that he looked fine for a man who in real life has been dead over 20 years. The fact that Tarkin was as involved in the film as he was in and of itself is an amazing feat for modern cinema. While we have already seen this type of effect done with Civil War and Ant Man, it has not been used to this extent and I am excited to see where it goes moving forward. The same can be said for Leia, though her role was obviously much less important to the overall story in this movie.



While his role in the movie was not huge. the 5 or so minutes the audience gets of Vader at the end of the movie is perhaps the most viscous Vader we have ever seen. We see Vader mowing down a group of soldiers which makes his killing of younglings look like a typical day in the office. If anything, this crucial sequence only solidifies the need for a Vader one off movie.

No Sequel

Which brings me to my next point. This movie appears to be a true one off film, meaning there will be no sequel. This makes sense considering every member of the Rogue One team seemingly bit the bullet by the end of the movie. This may not seem like much, but it is important because rarely do we ever see a successful film not have a sequel these days.

It Is Star Wars But Not Quite

What I mean by that is that while the movie is 100% rooted in the Star Wars culture and the presence of the Jedi and the Empire is all over the movie, at the end of the day, Rogue One plays more as a war film. There is much less emphasis on liightsaber battles and the religious feeling of the force than there is space battles, beach battles on Scarif, and so on. It is actually quite refreshing. While a lot of the film focuses on Kyber crystals which are used in light sabers, the only time we actually see a lightsaber is Vaders assault at the end. This approach could actually help to lure a more casual viewer to the Star Wars franchise and I wonder if they will stick with it for more of the anthology movies.


The only real detractor from the movie itself is that it did not break the mold of the previous Star Wars movies. While the FX on screen and the overall plot was great, it did not differentiate itself from previous films. It did not offer anything new to the table. Which, I suppose it really could not because we all went into the movie knowing where it will end.

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