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To tell you the truth, it’s hard to say if it’s worse loosing data from a broken device which suffered physical damage, or a perfectly working device that is dealing with a data loss issue. Both situations are scary to think about, especially of the information you have lost is very valuable or of great importance to the user. In this article we will show you how Enigma Recovery recover data from broken iPhone and makes sure you don’t have to worry about either scenario as it can recover data from any kind of Apple device, broken or not.

The process is quick and painless, and at the end of it you have all your lost data back. That is the magic of Enigma Recovery which uses simple data storage concepts to uncover and retrieve information from your smartphone’s database that you thought was lost forever. Turns out nothing is truly lost, and you get those office files or those family pictures back in no time.

There are actually two ways to use Enigma Recovery in a situation where your iPhone is broken, depending on how broken the phone actually is. If the physical damage suffered by your device wasn’t enough to damage. That being said, let’s see how you can use Enigma Recovery to retrieve your files.

• First things first, download Enigma Recovery and install it on your PC.

• Next up, choose your device type from the software interface then connect your iPhone through a USB cable.

• If it’s not recognized, you will have to move to method number 2 which we will discuss in a second. If it is however recognized, your next step will be to press the Scan button. This will start the scanning process which will allow Enigma to rummage through your database and find the missing files.

• When the scan report comes it, you can scroll and find your desired files under their respective file category, then export them in a preferred location and format.

If your phone is broken beyond repair and can’t be recognized by your PC, fear not. Apple devices such as the iPhone tend to make constant backups which they upload to iTunes. What this means is that you can recover your files that way by following these steps:

• Open Enigma Recovery and choose your device type.

• From recovery methods choose to recover from iTunes backups.

• Use the Scan tool to have Enigma Recovery look through your iTunes backup files.

• Use the scan report to find and extract your files just like in the previous recovery method.

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