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are awesome because they can work like magic, instantly making us feel better. They help us forget about the troubles of life for a little while and can actively influence our emotional state. But what kind of a movie should you watch when you are feeling all the feels? Which movie would make you feel better - and which one would make you feel worse? Here's a list of personal recommendations; but feel free to create your own!

When Your Insides Are Boiling With Rage:

DO: In my humble opinion, the secret weapon against anger is to laugh. If you find yourself cursing like a pirate and throwing things like Anakin Skywalker himself, put on some and you'll soon stop taking the situation that seriously and start laughing about yourself. Anger is a very lively emotion - rolling on the floor laughing is a great release that involves the whole body! Try Office Space when your job is driving you crazy, The Naked Gun after you got a speeding ticket or Caddyshack when you need a good laugh about high society.

DON'T: Political documentaries will only add oil to the fire. Action movies might be able to help some people blow off steam - for me, they can keep the fire burning steadily, leaving me feeling not worse, but also not better.

When You're Feeling Lonely And Blue:

DO: Disney, and any fun, cute animated movie can be very healing when you're dealing with a serious heartbreak or a simple case of the blah's. Anything with animals can help you feel more connected to the world and less alone. Some of my personal favorites include Finding Nemo (just keep swimming!), The Jungle Book (I wanted to marry Baloo the Bear when I was 4 years old) or Peanuts - The Movie (if you think you've got it bad, there's always Charlie Brown...).

DON'T: When you're already feeling sad, romantic comedy may leave you as a sobbing mess sitting in a mountain of tissues and popcorn kernels on the lonely couch. I remember watching Titanic as a depressed teenager, and how it made me feel even lonelier and more insignificant than before. Thanks, but no thanks!

When You're Worried And Anxious:

DO: When you're consumed by everyday fears and worries on the other hand, light, romantic comedy and gentle, deep stories can help ease your mind and soothe your soul. Seeing other people go through similar, very human challenges in life can be so comforting! For example, I love how light-hearted I feel after watching When Harry Met Sally. A Beautiful Mind is a great movie if you want to get lost in someone else's challenging story that can make your own worries seem rather small. Julie & Julia is so comforting because it portrays some very human behavior and makes you feel less alone in your everyday worries. Plus: Happy Endings are good for the soul!

DON'T: I recommend staying away from horror and war movies in anxious times...for obvious reasons.

When You're Feeling Stuck And Uninspired:

DO: You've probably been waiting for this already: There's nothing like a good Schwarzenegger or flick when you need some kick-ass energy to get you out of your rut! Whenever you're feeling lazy or are procrastinating on something, ask yourself: "What would Mad Max do?" Get inspired to save the world by watching Terminator 2 or Lethal Weapon, feel the intensity of pure survival instincts in Rambo or Mad Max, or learn how to fight back and be your most awesome self in Rocky.

DON'T: No light-hearted, dull talk shows, slow dramas or artsy biographies. When you're feeling stuck, you're probably already overthinking life, so don't add even more cerebral, superficial or dreamy content to your brain. Getting unstuck requires high levels of energy to propel you into action-taking mode - not quiet, hushed voices and slow movement!

In The End, Movie Tastes Are A Very Personal Preference.

These recommendations work for me and are intended not as ultimate truth, but as incentive for you to review your own viewing habits. Is there something you default to no matter how you're feeling? How do you feel before watching a movie, and how do you feel afterwards? Do your emotions seem to have resolved or do they come straight back once the credits roll? In the end you have to find out for yourself what works for you and what doesn't. I know some people thrive on horror, others on heartbreaking dramas, and others (like my parents) go exclusively for comedy and fun. Go for what makes you feel good - because you deserve to feel awesome!

Please share in the comments: What movies do you like to watch when you're feeling angry, lonely, worried or stuck?

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