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Over the weekend, news broke of director Tim Miller departing from the Deadpool 2 project, reportedly over creative differences. Apparently, Miller had some issues with the direction of the film, one aspect in particular: the casting of Cable.

The Wrap reports that Miller's decision to recruit Kyle Chandler in the role of Cable did not go over so well with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, who now has some level of contractual creative control over Deadpool 2, specifically casting control.

Despite Kyle Chandler being an actor held in high regard, it's possible that Reynolds could already see that audiences wouldn't accept him as Cable. Reynolds hasn't had many directorial opportunities, but his insight into the direction of Deadpool 2 is definitely based on some solid thinking, considering that the not one fan-cast prediction for the role of Cable hanamed Kyle Chandler as a candidate. Maybe Chandler just isn't right for the role, and Reynolds could clearly see that.

Is Kyle Chandler Out Of Deadpool 2 Now?

We still don't know with certainty that Kyle Chandler is officially out for the role of Cable, but with Tim Miller apparently leaving due to a disagreement over the casting choice, it appears as though Kyle Chandler's opportunity to portray Cable could be long gone.

If so, it would finally give fans an opportunity to voice their opinions in determining who should be cast in the role of Cable. Of course, after learning that Reynolds has control over casting decisions, he'll have the last say in the matter — but considering that Reynolds is quite active in the fan communities that support him, he will very likely listen to his fans in order to decide which actor would be a good fit to portray Cable.

Hopefully, Reynolds has a team working on those decisions with him, because the casting of Cable will very much influence how audiences receive Deadpool 2 altogether.

Fans Are Paying Close Attention

Cable is a beloved, fan-favorite member of the X-Men, which means that fans are going to be very critical of how Cable is portrayed on-screen. Reynolds has his work cut out for him in deciding who should play Cable. In terms of who should be recruited, some of the more popular fan casts for Cable have named Stephen Lang, Ron Perlman and Dolph Lundgren.

Lundgren was actually name-dropped by Deadpool himself during the original movie's post-credits scene, which could mean nothing — or could mean Lundgren is a very likely candidate. Maybe even Reynolds's first choice for the role of Cable?

Deadpool 2 opens January 12, 2018, though that date may be uncertain now.


Who should portray Cable in Deadpool 2?

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