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At 2017's CES, the Power Rangers VR-experience gave attendees their first clear look at what this year's Power Rangers movie will be like. The movie will premiere in March, which is only a few months away but we've been given minor looks at the film, with the trailer being exceptional in regards to how much content was shown. However, one pivotal figure has been kept out of sight, Zordon.

Zordon, the floating extraterrestrial being who'll guide the Power Rangers as they fight Rita Repulsa, though Zordon has yet to be seen. We know that actor, Bryan Cranston will portray Zordon in the reboot but no clear images of Cranston portraying Zordon have been released so far. However, there is a caveat to that statement.

If you were in attendance of CES 2017 and took advantage of the Power Rangers VR-Experience then you might have seen a floating head that looks a lot like Bryan Cranston at one point because that floating head was Cranston as he'll be seen in the upcoming film.

Cranston's head is the only part of the actor that will be seen since the aspect of only using Cranston's head for Zordon comes from the "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" program, wherein the Zordon character is only ever seen as a floating head. The Power Rangers reboot is based off of (MMPR) and will utilize the Zordon character's floating head as a constant in the Power Rangers universe.

No images of Bryan Cranston as the floating head Zordon have been released but we should expect for the first image of Zordon (Bryan Cranston) to be revealed fairly soon. Power Rangers premieres in March so an image of Cranston's Zordon is bound to pop up at some point between now and then.

For now, all we have to look at is a grainy image taken from the Power Rangers VR-Experience. At best, it gives us a small peek at what Bryan Cranston will look like but it's not much to go off of.

Power Rangers premieres March 24, 2017.

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