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Teen Wolf soon wraps production on its sixth and final season. Executive Producer Jeff Davis tells Teen Wolf News exclusively that fan-favorite baddie Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan) will be among several characters to return when the final episodes air this summer.

“I love Michael Hogan,” says Davis, “he plays a critical role in Season 6B.” The creator may well be the actor’s biggest fan. In addition to bringing him back to his show, Davis cast Hogan in his recent pilot for Let The Right One In at TNT.

Hated Werewolf Hunter

'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV / MGM TV]
'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV / MGM TV]

Hogan — known for his work on cable series' and — is reprising the Teen Wolf role he created in 2012. Gerard debuted in the show’s second season and quickly established himself as the “evil grandpa” fans love to hate. At one point, he had to beat up Dylan O’Brien’s character on screen. The scene resulted in threats against Hogan from irate fans on social media.

After his violent spree in Season 2, Hogan’s character returned in Seasons 3 and 5 as a slightly less-murdery supernatural historian. Gerard's motives remained selfish, but he did manage to help defeat a couple of the show’s other Big Bads.

The Last Days Of 'Teen Wolf'

In addition to Hogan, Teen Wolf News has confirmed that Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin will be back in some capacity for the final episodes. All three have completed their Teen Wolf roles and are now off to other projects. Among the other stars who’ve filmed their final scenes for Teen Wolf are: Cody Christian, JR Bourne and Linden Ashby.

Principle photography on Teen Wolf is expected to wrap in the early morning hours of Saturday, March 11. The last 10 episodes of Teen Wolf begin airing this summer on .

What are you hoping to see in this final season of Teen Wolf?

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