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Hands down one of if not the best martial arts films of all time is none other than the 1973 film "Enter The Dragon". The film is heavily regarded as Bruce Lee's best film & the driving force that made him an icon throughout the years in pop culture media. Most of you reading this are probably thinking I'm out of my mind to even discuss the possibility of an "Enter The Dragon" remake which I completely understand considering remakes have a high reputation of never living up to or being as good as the original film. Despite that my vision for what the remake should look like will probably have most of you interested in this concept. Now the most notable thing about "Enter The Dragon" was that American audiences were introduced to Bruce Lee's style known as Jeet Kune Do. Audiences were absolutely amazed by Bruce Lee's speed & ferocity in the film as well as the fight scenes that were shown throughout the film. Now in today's generation, instead of trying to replicate the original film with a style that up to this point many people are aware of, I feel that today's audiences should be introduced to a new fighting style they have never seen before by a martial artist that is currently on the rise in the film industry. Basically my vision of an "Enter The Dragon" remake would have the film set in Indonesia with the martial arts style known as Pencak Silat being the style today's audiences would be introduced to. Of course the remake would be loosely based on the original film but it would also maintain that same tradition that made "Enter The Dragon" a memorable film. In today's generation, it's rare to hear about martial arts films in theaters. I had the absolute pleasure of seeing my first foreign martial arts film in the form of Gareth Evans' "The Raid 2". After leaving the theater it mind boggled me as to how there aren't many martial arts films that come to theaters unless it's a foreign film. Picturing this remake as a much more brutal bone crunching & hard hitting film would be a delight to true fans of the genre as martial arts films now have become synonymous with presenting audiences with a barrage of full contact action fueled with adrenaline. The one actor that comes to mind to take the charge in this remake would be none other than up & coming action star Iko Uwais who is well known by fans as "Rama" in the 2011 Indonesian smash hit 'The Raid: Redemption' & it's sequel 'The Raid 2: Berandal'. If cast, this would propel Iko to new heights in the action scene as he has yet to have a big break in Hollywood despite having a brief cameo in 'Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens'. Iko is the perfect choice for this role as he could very well fit the "Raging Dragon" role that Bruce graced audiences with back in 1973. Based on the tone of this dream remake, the perfect director for this film is up & coming director Gareth Evans who is also known by many as directing 'Merantau' as well as both 'The Raid' films which also starred Iko Uwais in all 3 films. My reason for choosing Evans to take charge with this remake is because of his excellent direction towards setting the dark & realistic tone as previously seen in his previous 3 films. With the film featuring a tournament from fighters all around the world, this is the perfect way to bring in global martial artists such as Tony Jaa, Donnie Yen, Michael Jai White, Matt Mullins, Daniel O'Neill, Scott Adkins, Marresse Crump and many more. Having this remake stacked with known martial artists from all over the world would be the ultimate "love letter" to martial arts fans worldwide. With the term "legacy" thrown around when it comes to remakes, just imagine if David Yeung is also featured in the remake as a much more psychotic version of 'Bolo' which was played his father the legendary Bolo Yeung. The perfect date to release the remake would be on August 17, 2018 which would mark the 45th anniversary of the original film being released in the United States. There is no doubt in my mind that this remake would fail with Iko Uwais as the lead as well as Gareth Evans directing. Whether or not it comes true, 'Enter The Dragon' is by far one of the greatest martial arts films ever made & having it remade in such an amazing concept would bring smiles to fans all around the world.

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