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Fan of pretty much every type of movie, especially science fiction, fantasy, action, and comedy, and the music that makes them better.

Welcome to Pixelback Writer's Soundtrack Memory Bank! I am a huge fan of movie soundtracks, have been for many years. The first soundtrack that I remember leaving an impression on me was, of course, John Williams' blockbuster soundtrack for Star Wars back in 1977. Likely explains why Williams continues to be one of my favorite composers. I have since branched out, becoming a fan of other composers such as Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Howard Shore, and many more.

The purpose of this blog is to enlighten my readers on the world of movie soundtracks. Many you've heard, and I will certainly talk about those. But, I also hope to introduce you to gems that maybe you've passed up.

Most of all, I want my love for this much maligned musical art form to show through. I hope you all enjoy!

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