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Positive about the prequels!

In the third film of the Prequel Trilogy we are shown various stories that interconnect - There is the story of Palpatine's manipulation of Anakin, the story that shows the fall of The Republic and we see the side story of Padme's pregnancy.

One night Anakin has a nightmare about his wife dying in childbirth - He has had prophetic dreams before about his mother in Attack of The Clones - When he saw her in her dreams, she was being tortured by Tusken Raiders on Tatooine, He was too late to save his mother but he promised himself and Padme that he would not let her die in childbirth.

And so he then started to look for ways to save her, even going so far as listening to Palpatine tell Old Sith Legends about a wise old Sith Lord who could stop people from dying, Anakin was all ears but unfortunately no matter what Anakin did from asking for advice from Master Yoda to listening to Sith Stories - Padme would have died anyway.

The movie states that she "lost the will to live" the "fans" state that she "died of a broken heart", So there are a few conflicting ideas on what her true cause of death actually was.

Could her death have been avoided?

There are several articles going around on the internet claiming that Padme's death could have been completely avoided had she been able to receive better health care - aside from trying to relate a fictional world to a real world issue - We have no reason to believe that Padme, a noted senator in the republic would be unable to afford or receive proper health care - Although we never see it on screen this doesn't mean that Padme had never at least gotten med droids to inject her with prenatal space vitamins.

The article boils down the entire story line in the third film to a medical problem when what we are presented with in Padme's final scene is that there is no medical problem

The droids who are tending to her on Polis Massa are just that, droids - they are programmed to be trained in medical issues - Surely if Padme's problem was a medical issue they would have caught it? Unless they were also programmed to be incompetent at the job they were programmed to be good at. Doesn't make any sense does it?

Complications from Childbirth?

The problem with the argument that Padme's death has to do with her pregnancy is heavily debunked by on what we see happening on screen - The droids speak to Obi-Wan about moving forward with operations if they are to save the babies, Meaning that Padme was already dying when she got to the facility and that her dying had very little to do with the pregnancy.

They also assure Obi-Wan that she is completely healthy, from a medical standpoint

DROID “Medically, she’s completely healthy. For reasons we can’t explain, we’re losing her.”

OBI-WAN “She’s dying?!”

DROID “We don’t know why. She’s lost the will to live. We need to operate quickly if we are to save the babies.”

Droids are not capable of understanding The Force, Droids cannot use The Force and it makes a little bit of sense that the reasons they can't explain wouldn't have anything to do with the medical expertise they were programmed to deal with.

There is no amount of medical expertise that could have saved Padme from a problem that was decidedly not medical in it's origins.

Died of a Broken Heart

I'm not exactly sure where this originated from as it's never spoken on screen and not listed as a reason for Padme's death, but many think pieces popped up on why Padme "dying of a broken heart was the stupidest and most unrealistic thing to ever happen in any film."

But Dying of a broken heart is a real medical phenomenon known as "Broken Heart Syndrome" actual cardiologists have weighed in on the phenomenon and there have been studies throughout the years.

Padme dying of a broken heart doesn't seem so out of the realm of possibility when you think about what she had been through within the span of only a couple of days - The Republic Falls, Anakin goes to the dark side. The world Padme clung tightly to was falling apart and she tried desperately to save Anakin, to at least be able to rescue her family from the dark times - But even this didn't work as Anakin believed Padme to be lying, to be working with the Jedi against him. In a fit of dark side rage he lashed out and force choked his own pregnant wife, a horrific move for certain - but not the cause of her death.

The reason the droids give for Padme's sudden turn is that she has "lost the will to live", Why would she lose the will to live if she believed there was still good in Anakin? Surely if she was that emotionally dependent on him she would lose the will to live if she believed there was no good left in him at all.

The Phantom Menace

Was Padme's true cause of death from Broken Heart Syndrome? Possibly, but in the scene where she dies it doesn't seem as if she is experiencing those symptoms, it doesn't seem at all like she doesn't want to go on - She's struggling to stay with the living, almost as if she's fighting against something we cannot see

This fan theory has made the rounds before but it's the most believable in the world of Star Wars, Padme's death could be linked with Palpatine, making him more of a jerk than before.

Consider that Palpatine learned the ability to create life by manipulating the midichlorians (Detailed in the now non canon novel Darth Plagueis) would it be entirely impossible to conceive of Palpatine being able to use the same or similar tricks he learned from Darth Plagueis to take life away?

Palpatine had been grooming Anakin for a very long time to be his apprentice, He had planted seeds even when Anakin was a small child - Making him doubt not only the Jedi, but himself and his own ability to control the things around him, He played on Anakin's fears and insecurities.

To Palpatine's credit, it worked extremely well - Anakin, believing he had no other option turned to the dark side in utter desperation to save his soul mate whom he believed was doomed to death, He said he would do anything to save Padme and Palpatine really took him at his word - informing him that he must kill all the Jedi, no matter how gruesome, it would give him the dark power he would need to save his wife. Palpatine wasn't being completely honest, of course - Anakin slaughter an entire temple of Jedi (including children) and still wasn't able to save his wife from her ultimate fate.

When Anakin and Obi-Wan faced off against each other, Obi-Wan was able to slice off Anakin's limbs and leave him to burn on Mustafar, not knowing that after he left - Palpatine would arrive to help Anakin on Coruscant, binding him to a new mechanical body and a new identity he would hold for over twenty years.

The scenes of both Anakin's operation and Padme's death mirror each other and overlap in ways that aren't just for poetic rhyming, If you listen very closely you can hear two heart beats synced together, Both heart beats stop at the same time and then one starts up again when the Vader mask is put upon Anakin's burnt face.

When Anakin rises the first thing he speaks of is Padme

PALPATINE “Lord Vader, can you hear me?”

VADER “Yes master. Where is Padmé? Is she safe? Is she alright?”

PALPATINE “It seems, in your anger, you killed her.”

VADER “I–I couldn’t have. She was ALIVE–I FELT IT.”

{Palpatine knowingly smiles}


Looking close in this scene and watching Palpatine's face when he is asked about Padme it seems as if, just for a mere moment he is taken aback by the level of devotion Anakin has to this woman, Palpatine knew that to have Anakin as his undying dark side slave and to do the bidding he required that the one person that had any way of tying Anakin to his humanity would have to die, and if he was able to provide life by manipulating midichlorians, He was definitely able to take life away

Anakin was able to feel Padme during his operation, he was awake during the entire painful process but what got him through the pain was knowing he could still feel Padme within The Force - When the operation was over and he rose in his new armor, he could no longer feel her.

As Anakin angrily destroys the room around them Palpatine gleefully smiles in the shadows, Anakin was very near death on Mustafar and possibly the only thing that was keeping him alive was his hatred for The Jedi, When Anakin started to fade away it's very likely Palpatine decided to take away the life force of Padme to keep his apprentice alive. Palpatine would have no knowledge of Padme dying on an off world while he was tending to Anakin on Coruscant, the only way he would know is if he took part in the cause of her death.

Palpatine had no true intentions of helping Anakin save Padme, He believed that the key to Anakin's fall and loyalty was not only him accepting a sith lord's teachings, but believing he himself has failed to save Padme, as he also failed to save his mother.

Ultimately Padme's death has very little to do with improper medical care, as her cause of death was not a medical problem - Padme did not die from complications of the pregnancy, she did not seem to die of a broken heart, and Palpatine watched his newest apprentice rise from the operating table with a smile that speaks volumes.

I believe that Padme could have had the best health care available to her in the entire republic and she still would have passed away, and that is the true tragedy of the story - No matter how hard Anakin tried to save her, he was always going to fail.

The article going around states that Anakin never would have fallen to the dark side had Padme received proper medical attention, but I believe this to be false as Anakin was scared for her to die at all, not only to lose her in child birth, this is merely what he sees when he has his nightmares, Any possible way that Padme could have died was enough to push Anakin to seek out help from Palpatine and ultimately seal Padme's fate as Palpatine never had any intention to help him save her, only to pull his apprentice closer to the dark side. The best doctors in the galaxy wouldn't have been able to save Padme as they are only trained in the medical field and Padme's cause of death was not a medical problem.

Could Padme's death have been avoided? Only if Anakin had never turned to the dark side could it have possibly been avoided, and sadly we will never know what could have happened had Anakin not turned.

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