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Prostalgene is a recently produced product, planned to alleviate symptoms and treat chronic prostatitis. This can be used from parients, suffering from bacterial prostatitis. Prostatitis is an disease of prostate gland, only found in men, as women do not have such gland. The contamination is usually caused by bacteria, but there is also a nonbacterial form of prostatitis. There are risk factors associated with the prostate infection and the most frequent include recent urinary tract infection, prior intimately transmitted diseases (gonorrhea or chlamidia), excessive use of alcohol, etc. Prostalgene is one of the substitute treatment methods, along with acupuncture and Chinese organic medicine, prostate drainage method, sufficient diet. As a herbal medicine, Prostalgene does indeed not have side results when used appropriately and at suggested doses. The supplement is manufactured in liquid form and works in several directions. This decreases inflammation, therefore peeing becomes complete and irregular. Buy Prostalgene online from official website from here

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