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Justice League Movie Review

First of all, I want to say damn the haters and critics, this movie was so much damn fun!

The stregnths of the film was the acting, I mean if the actors failed to do their job the rest of the movie would suffer, and more than likely crash and burn. Another positive light to shine on this epic film was the special effects, namely the effects for The Flash, the blue lightning and all looked amazing. Superman is back, and boy did his return ignite beast mode! Okay now, to talk about the elephant in the movie theater (Cinema). I know, I know, we all hate talking about the bad.

Bad Editing - Shorter Film...Why?!

Now, the movie's problems mainly stem from the shortening of the film and as a result many subplots and the main narrative was cut short - left on the editing room's floor. But I pray to the Gods of Comics that we get a director's cut that'll address this minor issue, and fix it. A la Dawn of Justice edition of Batman v Superman.

Wonder Woman - Awesome as always!

Gal Gadot delivers once again as Wonder Woman, and she stands her ground and kicks some major ass in the film, big and small and it all worked. She is a talent, and beautiful badass. Moreover, she does a good job remining levelheaded and serves as an anchor for Batman/Bruce Wayne, even when it means bringing back the Big Guy. Still, I enjoy her take on the character and her talent as an actress.

The Flash - Barry Allen - Ezra Miller

I need to make a disclaimer, I am a huge Flash fan and more importantly, a big fan of Grant Gustin's fan (of his Flash). Now, with that being said, Ezra Miller won me over almost instantly, his personification of the Flash was spot on, especially for the comics version. He still isn't at top form, but he is learning and by the time he has his solo film, he'll be at 100%. He was the comedic relief, but this was a great thing because Ezra Miller was funny and the moments fit well in the grand scheme of the narrative. And I loved the coaching oh Batsy gave him and he stepped up when he was needed most. Another thing that I liked about Ezra Miller's Flash, when he mentioned his finer skill-sets, and one of those was his fluency in Sign Language and Gorilla Sign language, which was a nod to Gorilla Grodd, and that means he's coming sometime down the line. Otherwise, if he doesn't why would they have broached that topic?!

The Batman - Bruce Wayne - Ben Affleck

I like Bruce Wayne as Batman or should I say, Batfleck? Anyway, I think that he delivered the goods this time around. He continue to impress me, and that says a lot. I am not sure how much longer he's going to be around in the DCEU but I hope he's around for awhile. He's the best fit for now, and well the future only knows. Batman served his role well, and was guilty over failing Clark aka Superman in not preventing his death. But Wonder Woman told him it wasn't his fault, but the Bats loves to brood.

Cyborg - Victor Stone - Ray Fisher

I liked the appearance of Cyborg, though I think that the CG can be a bit more polished and they need to flesh out his character a bit more. Still, he was pivotal to the movie's narrative and for his part, he did good. Ray Fisher played the part well, and I am quite sure that he'll be ready to and be 100% by the time his 2020 solo film debuts. Although, I did like him taking over Batman's crawler and yeah that was awesome.

Aquaman - Arthur Curry - Jason Mamoa

Dude is awesome, loved his tough guy in the character, Ronin, he played in Stargate Atlantis, and it was more of the same in Justice League. Although, unlike SGA he did have a bit of a personality that underminded his myseterious badass persona that he exudes. He has a sense of humor though it is a bit volatile he does know what it means to step up and work as a team and is strong as hell. Jason Mamoa will allow for Aquaman's character to shine and hopefully lose the title of laughing stock of the DC Comics Universe, which is unjust. Because the character is tough and is a good leader. I am excited for the Aquaman solo movie!

Superman - Kal El - Clark Kent - Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill wasn't in the movie for as long as the rest of the main cast, but his presence was necessary and not just soloely for the oh bring the big guns or narrative guided. While, that is what purpose he basically serves, it was awesome to see him back. Not to mention, as Bruce (Batman) stated with other members of the JL he is a beacon of hope to shine upon the Darkness. And when he was brought back, he went full on beast mode, and then he was fighting Wonder Woman, and Aquaman and took out Batsy, and was able to turn his head and see the Flash move past him. This caused the Flash, and rightfully so, to shit himself. This just exhibits how much of a badass that Supes. But his strength lies in not his superpowers given him by a bright and lovely yellow star, but in his humanity. Even Batman noted as much, that Clark was more human than he was.

Teamwork and Comradely

That is the strongest part of the movie. I mean it doesn't just happen all at once. Even with the close of the film, they weren't oh chummy and best buds. Yet they did come together when it mattered most and it felt organic and not forced. That had me worried because you have all these characters and personalities and such that could have killed the film. But that didn't happen. I strongly believe that the cast had a blast making this movie. And the Flash, played by Ezra Miller, made the best voice for us the audience and his mannerisms and how he interacted with the other members of the JL was so comic booky!

The Justice League vs Stephenwolf Fight

This fight was epic and badass, but you know they weren't going to be able to defeat him till Supes comes back. I mean Stephenwolf's power levels were crazy high!

Mid Credits Scene & After Credits Scene

Now, I will not tell you what happens, but suffice to say, they were really damn awesome and one of them was a huge nod to the comics and was classic. While the other, and it was big, was a huge reveal though if you've read the comics and/or watched the TV shows, etc you knew he was coming but yeah. Go see the movie!

My Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed the film, and will be seeing it again and for sure will buy it on blu ray! So yeah, my rating for this film would be 8.5 out of 10!

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