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It has begun!

So far this season has changed the way they deal with revealing the Big Bad's identity. The cards are on the table and face up for all to see. We know who the villain is and we need to figure out how Team Flash is going to stop him. I mean, however cryptic, they are, his plans have for the most part been revealed. And this while definitely a new way of handling a villain and his reveal it just might be a good thing. I mean there are no more speedster villains to unmask and frustrate Barry and Team Flash to no end until near the end of the season something leads them to connect the dots and voila we have the big band's identity. Nope, that formula has run dry and it is time for a change. And changed it has!

Barry's Moonlighting as a Cat Burglar - Didn't end well

While, this is a new side of Barry and his line of thinking may seem to be askew it isn't. And let me tell you why that is. For one thing, Davoe, aka the Thinker isn't just the smartest guy on the planet he is the fastest thinker alive and that has afforded him the luxury of being 10 steps ahead of Barry and Team Flash. Thus, this requires Barry's mind to think in ways he otherwise would've considered. And Barry gets thwarted at every turn and Davoe and his wife even show up at his place of Work and get Barry in trouble with the Police Captain playing the victim is a classic move for the baddies. This, of course, refers to the picture of Barry at their house uninvited, committing a little B&E. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you view this, Barry is not used to being a criminal. So, it makes sense he wouldn't think to conceal his identity and not get caught. Let's be honest, when the Reverse Flash aka Thrawn, broke into Barry's house and murdered his mother, he had the foresight to know that he needed to blur out not only his body but his face as well. Thus, concealing his identity and well we all know how that turned out.

Clifford Davoe aka "The Thinker" - Backstory

We get a flashback filling in some much needed background on Davoe and how he got his powers and became a meta. He was present at the presentation by Thrawn that would end with the turning on of the Particle Accelerator. Thrawn knew what the Thinker was going to do and the Davoes knew that Fake Wells (Thrawn) intended to cause the explosion which would release Dark energy onto the world, and create Metas. This was all part of his plan, and Barry wasn't there to hear any of this (I mean the exchange of glances between Davoe and Fake Wells, and what Reverse Flash aka Fake Wells aka Thrawn said to Davoe). We learned the reason for the cap, and what the explosion and release of Dark Matter did to him (Davoe) and thus, gained a better understanding of the Thinker. Still, while he doesn't sound like a bad guy, as he clearly discussed with his wife about how Metas reacted to getting their powers - they robbed banks and did other nefarious acts, while he wanted to make the world a better place. Now, with all that being said, he slips away physically, the more his brain power increase, and as such this results in him becoming more cold and calculating.

We will have to wait and see what his motives are and they will evolve over the course of the season.

Team Flash Doubt The Flash

Team Flash felt bad about picking on the poor defenseless Professor who seemed as ordinary as the next Joe you see walking down the street, and that was the point. Barry's gut was telling him something was off about this guy and no one among his peers believed him for the lack of evidence spoke volumes. Or so it would appear. Despite having gotten suspended and the Davoes taking out a restraining order against him to stay away, Barry persisted to trust his gut, and confront Davoe face to face and his gut feeling turned out to be right, and the Thinker as coined by Cisco, love that guy, was playing them all for fools. It's a game of mental chess, and Team Flash has to play a bit of catch up. Even Iris who stands behind Barry no matter what didn't know how to console Barry about being wrong and is the first one to come to him when Barry proves his theory true.

Welcome back, Wally West!

Well, in light of all that has happened so far this season, we get a welcomed surprise, and that is the return of Wall West to Team Flash. And there was a cool name drop thingy...sort of...a Star Fish from outer space, that is, if you don't know, a Teen Titans reference, very cool info bomb to drop, but could this mean that Teen Titans will be part of the Arrowverse? We'll have to wait and see. Probably not, but wouldn't it be cool?

They are the plain in your face Villains!

Well, each team's cards are on the table, and now it is going to be one hell of of a ride! Mental chess, baby!

The game is afoot!

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