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Well, looks like we ended up in 'Nam. Damn hot smoldering Jungle, and to make matters worse, there's a giant telepathic and highly intelligent Gorilla trying to cause World War III and Mick's dad is in-country. Oh boy, this just seems to be a serious cluster fuck in a half, don't it? Oh, and Captain Sara Lance is still in her coma thanks Daemon Dark! Let's dig in.

So, Jax chooses which anachronism to go after with a wave of his finger, and the Team of Legends head to Vietnam, during one of the worse and most unnecessary conflicts the US government and military ever could get involved in. But I digress, we shall not be exploring any political thoughts on the war or nothing like that. Ever. I make that promise to you.

Instead, we find Martin Stein (One half of Firestorm), still hard at work trying to figure out how to split up Firestorm and make Jax the sole member of that identity and give leave to Dr. Stein to return to 2017 and his daughter and grand kid. This leads to meeting a few famous scientists during the run of the episode.

Meanwhile, Ray, Amaya, and recent Team Legends member, Zari go undercover posing as journalists to figure out the source of the anachronism and Zari eyes something staring at them intently and goes with her gut. This gut decision pays off and the lady takes them to their god who has managed to stop fighting between the US army and the Viet Congs. And lo and behold, look who turns out to be the savor of humanity, it is none other than our good friend, Gorilla Grodd. He has a clever plan to bring peace to all of humanity, and this well leads him to decide to wipe out all humans and take the planet for his kind. Sounds like he has been watching The Planet of the Apes movies, even the new ones.

Of course, this all changes for the worst, when Ray, Zari, and Amaya are brought to his tent and Amaya tries to use the shrink ray (Ray hates that name), haha, to shrink Grodd and take him back where he belongs, and of course, he figures this out with a quick telepathic sweep of Amaya's mind. Instead of controlling her, he breaks into her mind and shows her what people had done to him. She tries to placate him with honest telling him that he doesn't belong there and she can help him. Of course, this doesn't go over well with an ape who had been violated and hurt and experimented on by people.

While this is happening, Nathan and Mick run across someone from Mick's past, and well it is quite the interesting turn of events. This individual in question is Mick's dad. Mick had expressed his disinterest in being in Vietnam, and while many would argue that this is typical Mick behavior, while it is, it was more difficult than ever, and Nathan figures it out and tries to start Operation Hard Love. In Mick fashion, he shrugs it off and Nate, naturally, says the odds are highly unlikely what with the size of the Jungle they'd ever cross paths with the man and well, guess you spoke to soon, my boy! Because Mick's father and his platoon pop out of the overgrowth and demand them to drop their weapons and get on the ground. This, of course, doesn't do any favors for Mick or his behavior.

Mick goes full method and joins his father's side even when it means killing his team alongside the others who were manipulated telepathically by Grodd, and when it looks like the shit has hit the fan and Nate and company are toast, Mick turns his gun on his pops and demands him stand down, reasoning with him that if he (Mick's dad) goes down this road, it'd haunt him for the rest of his day and thus, ruin him. This is quite some development for Mick, and I must say I am liking it. Just don't ever make him a complete and total softy!

Amaya and Grodd have a go at words, and the former tries to reach the latter with the use of her totem, animal spirit to animal spirit, so to speak. This does nothing to dissuade Grodd, naturally. Instead Grodd learns, through a telepathic mind probe, that Amaya and her team are not as they appear and in truth are Time Travelers, and this changes things for Grodd. His plan to wipe out humanity and replace it with Apes changes to a plan to rewrite evolution and make Apes the dominant species on the planet. I bet the Apes from the planet of the apes had wish they thought of this plan.

This all started when American fighters start dropping napalm upon the jungle and Grodd runs off, in search of the WaveRider and hops aboard as Martin Stein barely manages to the get the Time Ship airborne, and Gideon lets him know they got an unexpected passenger, to which Martin replies snarky, you think so? Haha.

Martin Stein tries his best to shake Gorilla Grodd and thus, drop him into the growing wave of Napalm, he succeeds. But before he can meet his demise and burn up in a raging chemical inferno, he is transported elsewhere.

All the while, Jax is out trying to find the President and saves him from being blown up by land mines, even going as far as to freeze one that the President steps own with a can of compressed air! Brilliant! This affords Jax to receive a rich reward, and yes, the pun was intended. This rich reward was a closely guarded recipe for a dynamite pecan pie!

This episode highlights why the Legends are considered a big heaping mess and a joke to the Time Bureau, but I think that is what gives 'em charm and besides they do usually clean up ship and get things done. And we got some character development, and dare I say growth in Mick and Sara Lance wakes up just in time to find her team munching away at some mighty tasty pie! Dean Winchester would approve!

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